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This Website  . . .  An on-going "work in progress"


    One of the main reasons for this Website, is to provide a testing ground for my research, into what actually does or more often does not work. (e.g. my <font> Coding Pitfalls page.) Research which has shown the staggering number of ways for doing something, that just will not hold up in the multi-browser environment of the Internet.

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Page Content Updated: January 27, 2003

    This site provides considerable "what to do" and "how-to" information, related to the Web development services I offer. That as my contribution to improving the Internet, I hope this will enable other Webmasters to provide more usable sites to their visitors. While my paid services provide a couple of years experience at doing this type of work. Especially all the "make or break" little details, that I have worked my way through during those years. Details which are the difference between something that just works, or pulling off something that really works. (For the many combinations of computer configuration and Web-browser, that site visitors will use.)

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