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Webpage Loading Performance
(Or optimize the user experience by how pages load.)

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New Macromedia site shuts out browsers
Problems with compatibility, loading speed, . . .
* An example of concerns for commercial sites.
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Almost 50 percent of online purchases aborted
Loading speed & transaction performance matters!
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Recipe for a Successful Website: Performance
* Upgrade the low-end speed to at most 28.8k
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Fast Loading Pages:
A Fresh Look at Internet Speed
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Small is Beautiful
When pages are loading slowly, visitors leave.
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The NEED for speed and "the rest of the story"
Speed matters & Content presented in a sequence.
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How-To Optimize Webpages
Guidelines and tutorials in the Web Design section.
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Good Response Times and Caching
Consiquences for Dynamic Webpages not caching.
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End-User Internet Access
* What to presume, in terms of connection speed
 (or why evaluate Webpages at 28.8k to 33.6k).
* And the total Webpage file size that imposes.
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Webmonkey: How to Time Sites
* I also suggest an old computer & 33.6k modem.
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Utilities for Web Graphics
Load-speed, graphic optimization & color utilities.


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Page Content Updated: June 22, 2003

    "Recent research suggests that long load times have a measurable negative impact on readers' perception of a Website's organization and quality of content. Interestingly, only graphics-intensive pages suffer this 'hit' to perceived quality; text-based content does not.

    "The message is clear, if uncomfortable for some designers:

Optimization ranks second only to basic legibility as the single most important consideration in designing your Website -- even more important than design aesthetics.

    "Stated differently, in those instances where it comes down to a choice, which would you rather sacrifice: aesthetics, or readership?"

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