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Webpage Coding Basics


    The concept of "degrades gracefully" is absolutely essential to creating pages that do work and hold up. As only the most basic instructions or commands work on all standards based Web browsers. While the various commands used by current Web browsers help to present the page content in the most desirable manner. But no current browser supports all current commands. So by carefully coding each Webpage, using layered levels of increasingly sophisticated commands, according to general levels of browser capability, the page will "degrade gracefully". Where each Web browser then uses the (hopefully) most sophisticated level, within each grouping of commands, that it understands.

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Dan's Web Tips
* Introduction, Graceful Degradation & Logical Markup
* Validators then My Site Doesn't Work In Netscape?
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Any Browser -- Accessible Site Design Guide
Graceful Degradation: again, an essential concept.
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How-To Optimize Webpages
Coding for performance, not just load speed.
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Web Standards for Hard Times
The benifits of Webpage coding that validates.
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Web Design Group -- the site for HTML & CSS
* Providing free Link Checking & HTML validation.
See also: Website Coding Programs.


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Page Content Updated: June 16, 2003

    For a demonstration of "degrades gracefully", take a look at the pages of this Website, using the following combination of browsers:

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