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Website Graphics and Typography

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Create Your Logo in Six Steps
Excellent how-to and what to consider insights.
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Yale Web Style Guide (a good concepts book)
* GIF with Interlaced & Transparent; then JPEG.
* Display colors & Webpage Graphic safe areas.
* Typefaces and other Cross platform issues.
* Graphic design 100 then Typography I and II.
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Webmonkey: Web Typography Tutorial
A mini-guide to using Typography on the Web.
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Web Aesthetics (comprehensive)  5.54M
Sample chapter of designing web graphics.4
* Color, Typography, Layout and Animations.
* Also available as an InformIT Web article.
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Browser-Safe Color (comprehensive)  1.5M
Free chapter of Designing Web Graphics.3
* When and How to use the 216 colors, etc..
* Download document, then print or read it.
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IMS Web Tips: Article archive by date
* Color Fundamentals and Computer Color.
* Color Restrictions and Color Emotion.
* Then finally Webpage Color Specification.
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BUILDER.COM: Graphics 101
Which covers all the computer graphics basics.
* Then for animation: Make Your GIFs Dance.
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Everyone's Guide to Optimizing Graphics
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Laura LeMay's Web Workshop:
Graphics and Web Page Design


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