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Overall Website Design References

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Six Principles of Good Commerce Design
Most of these priniciples apply to any Website.
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Designing for the Web
Book Excerpt: The Web Content Style Guide
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First Principles of Web Design
Provides 8 good "rules of thumb" for Web design.
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Blueprints for the Web: Organization
Practical methods for organizing Website content.
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Usability 101
"What is usability? . . . Why should you care?"
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Web Style Guide, 2nd edition
A good and very current Web design reference.
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Yale Web Style Guide (good concepts book)
* Site Design Introduction and Site structure.
* Site covers, then Page headers & footers.
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Son of Web Pages That Suck: Chapter 4  3.3M
Design Issues Even Martians Should Know
* On the Web, get right to the point.
* Other sites influence you vs. site piracy.
* The use of music, etc.. (Legal rights)
* Different browsers, screen sizes, speeds,. . .
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Recipe for a Successful Website
* Performance: upgrade 14.4k speed to only 28.8k
* End-User Access gives real-world access speeds.
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Webpage Loading Performance
* Page "content presented in sequence" insight.
* When pages load slowly, visitors leave.  . . .


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Page Content Updated: September 29, 2003

"The stakes are higher now than ever before. Commercial Web sites that are not relevant, fast, trustworthy, satisfying, and easy to use will find it difficult to attract new customers and retain existing ones, especially if competitors are only a click away.

"People will leave your Web site if they

  • Are frustrated
  • Think it is too much effort to navigate the site
  • Think you don't have the product or service they are looking for
  • Get big surprises that they don't like
  • Feel it takes too long to load
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 The Importance of Customer-Centered Design  
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