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I am an experienced hardware service technician, with training and experience at general (help desk) computer support, and competence at (hand) coding web-pages. I am currently seeking opportunities for employment, working from a home office on flexible hours, or any other workplace arrangement that facilitates my working in a productive manner. [...more]
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Select End-User support information that I have produced over the past few years, which I now offer to others on an AS-IS basis via this Website.
[Webpage Copy or 'Mirror']Fast Loading Pages: A Fresh Look at Internet Speed
Original Source: (Aug 1, 2002)
"Should it be your priority to engage the visitor in your web site so that they do not have a second to think of moving on? Yes of course it should, and at many points Yahoo is like this. [It] becomes intensely clear why Yahoo is the most visited web site in the World today and will continue to be in the near future. Yahoo is stickier than almost every other site [as] it focuses on giving its visitors what they want— Speed and Content in equal proportions."

   Many high-end users now connect to the Internet using a 3G cellphone or tablet. However, during times of extremely heavy use on the cellular network, or when the signal causes the data connection to fall back to EDGE, the performance will be closer to that of a 56k modem. Not to mention many users outside a major city or town still use a 56k modem. All of which is why Content delivered with Speed still matters.

[HTML format Notes]The NEED for Speed and the rest of the story
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An updated copy of my commentary about Web loading performance to deliver content.
[WWW Link]TypeLogic INTP personality description    [New Window]
Much of this description for the INTP personality type (not all of it) seems describe me. This also helps to explain why I am such an exceptional problem solver. On the many occasions I have taken one of these personality tests, the result is usually INTP, with the occasional result of INTJ.
[WWW Link]The connection between IT and Asperger’s Syndrome    [New Window]
This helps to explain the way that I experience life in terms of what people are doing and what has been accomplished. I also find this follow-up Discussion Post of particular interest.

   Most people seem to plan things backwards. First you determine what to do— and that in turn will establish who might be interested in getting together with you.

   I experience life by what I am working to accomplish, and where I am in the progression of steps that are needed to do so. This somehow relates to the days/hours/minutes that everyone else seems to live by. (My awareness of "clock time" is usually fairly vague.)

   Overall, I consider Asperger's a hidden ability— where living life through "a different frame of reference" results in almost the same daily life as everyone else.  So it is just a matter of finding the situations that take advantage of those differences, in a way which benefits everyone involved.

[WWW Link]How reading and doing crosswords can block your ability to hear    [New Window]
Often I am most effective when I can visualize what I am dealing with "as if it were there in front of me". This ability— where I find myself holding off everything else while I visualize and/or hyper-focus on what I am doing— also involves a level of detachment that goes well beyond what the above article describes.
[In-site WWW Page]Baen Free eBooks and WebScriptions
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If you are ok with reading a novel as an ebook, it is amazing how many mass-market books Baen is making available for free— including some that are just coming out as a hardcover or paperback. While the other ebooks Baen offers via WebScriptions are sold for noticeably less than the cost of a paperback.
[In-site WWW Page]"Around The Table" gaming resources
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Real board games . . . a most enjoyable pastime.

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