Select End-User support information that I have produced over the past few years, which I now offer to others on an AS-IS basis via this Website.

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Internet Connection Sharing

[HTML format Notes]Solving an ICS Web-browsing Problem
Technical » Networking » SOHO » Internet Sharing »
This two part article presents a brief description of the problem with a dependable work-around; then describes what was really happening and presents the final solution for PPPoE (or other Internet connections utilizing a smaller MTU).

Drivers for Microsoft Windows

[HTML format Notes]HP (Pavilion) Riptide-Chameleon Drivers
Technical » Drivers » for Windows »
The Riptide and the Chameleon are two very similar but separate Rockwell/Conexant modem cards, which have been enhanced so they can also serve as the system sound card. This summary lists the many different drivers for these cards, with some tips on how to get some of them installed.
[HTML format Notes]Ericsson R520 Drivers & Software
Technical » Drivers » for Windows »
My Ericsson R520 phone needed updated Windows drivers to get full-speed GPRS via IrDA. Updating the Windows drivers was not as straight forward as it should have been. So here are my notes on how to obtain and install the software that also provided this driver update.

Hardware by Device Type: Drives & Storage

[HTML format Notes]ATA (EIDE) Hard Drive Addressing & Capacity Limits
Technical » Hardware » Device Type » Storage »
This two part reference provides an overview of hard drive sizes and addressing, then a listing of information on the many PC drive size limitations.
[HTML format Notes]XP/2000 FAT32 Formatting limit
Technical » Hardware » Device Type » Storage »
Windows XP and 2000 fully supports using a FAT32 partition over 32GB, but does not permit formatting a FAT drive over 32GB. If you attempt to format a FAT32 partition larger than 32 GB, the format fails near the end of the process with the following error message:
"Logical Disk Manager: Volume size too big."

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