Ericsson R520 Drivers and Software Overview
Also for models: T68, T65, T62, and T39 (a mini R520)

    The R520 was one of the last true Ericsson phones, before the Sony take-over that created Sony Ericsson. That in turn may have something to do with why the drivers and software for this phone are in such a sorry state.

    For example: the previous R520 update-- which Sony Ericsson no longer provides-- was a patch file to upgrade the R4A or R5A software, on the CD that came with the phone, to version R6A. While the software Sony Ericsson now provides does not require the original CD, but lists a version of R4A in some file names and readme.txt files.


NOTE: For GPRS access to the Internet via BluetoothTM, the drivers and software for the computer's BluetoothTM adapter should be all that is required. As of Windows XP SP2 (Service Pack 2), this support is built into the Windows operating system. While current versions of Mac osX also support the R520 via BluetoothTM and iSync.


   The drivers and software for this phone were designed for Windows 98, Windows Me or Windows 2000 (prior to SP4); and for Microsoft Office 97, 98 or 2000.

    It has been my experience that any files I downloaded from Sony Ericsson for the R520, worked very well on a Windows 98 or Me system. On a Windows 2000 or XP computer, any drivers that were required to enable the GPRS Internet access also worked well, despite the fact they are not signed (have not passed Microsoft's quality control testing). While the other phone management and synchronization software could be made to work in a satisfactory manner, on a Windows XP SP2 system using office 2003.


Download and Install the Drivers and Software

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