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I am an experienced hardware service technician, with training and experience at general (help desk) computer support, and competence at (hand) coding web-pages. I am currently seeking opportunities for employment, working from a home office on flexible hours, or any other workplace arrangement that facilitates my working in a productive manner.
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This should provide an initial idea of my expected availability; and also offer some insight into how I like to organize my time, to try and work in a more productive manner.

Rates for Services

   I strongly prefer to be paid for my services based on what is appropriate to solve each problem. Where my pay is based on the scope of the problem, but may or may not have anything to do with how long I spend to deliver the solution. (The more time and effort I invest "preparing in advance" to handle something, the less time I then need working at a computer system.)

   The fees listed in this section for Technical Support and/or Web Development are the "per task" amounts I would expect to be paid by an employer. Where for bookkeeping and legal liability reasons, I work and am paid as a (contract) employee; and any firm I do work for issues me an income tax receipt at the end of the year. That using piece-work employment in this manner enables me to concentrate on what I do best, while permitting me to exclude costs such as bookkeeping services and liability insurance from what I must charge for my services.

   So, as I am able to come up with fair pricing to do this, the work I am able to handle on a fixed rate basis is added to the Technical Support Services and Web Development Services pages. Otherwise, the hourly rates given below are my guidelines for the process of quote generation, and are provided as a courtesy.

   Payment Terms: All work is payable and immediately due upon satisfactory completion of each individual service incident, support call or development task. (Next payroll cycle expected; but no Net30 terms, etc..)


Travel Time

   For any work on-site, travel time— excluding any unreasonable delay— will be included in the billable time. The exception to this is any location easily accessible by TTC; for which I will usually charge a flat-rate $25 fee, to cover all travel to and from that site. (One charge for the "support incident" or project, even if multiple trips are required.) While for anything within about a 30 minute walk, I usually won't charge anything for "the opportunity to get out and stretch my legs".


Hourly Rates

   I also do not believe in charging for what amounts to my own research— as those I work for should be paying for my services and the expertise I already have— not my developing "the general method that works" to handle something. So for any work payable by time, rather than a specific job done on a firm quote, I will sometimes base this on the time it would take to do the work again.

All fees given in Canadian dollars.
Scope of Job Time   Rate Per
Quarter Day (approx. 2 hours)     $40.00
One Day (7 to 10 hours)     $125.00
One Week (32 to 48 hours)     $500.00

   It should be noted that the above rates are based on my working mostly from a home office, on completely flexible hours. Work that must be performed at some job site or "place of employment", or must be performed during specific hours, could incur a 50% surcharge. (That is negotiable.) While any "leave whatever I'm doing, and handle this now" emergency will incur a 100% surcharge.

   Please also note that I reserve the right to change these fees, or how these fees are applied, without prior notification.


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