Fixed Rate Technical Support Services


   I endeavor to handle every system with the same care used on my own equipment. However, it is not possible to absolutely guarantee there will be no loss of data while servicing a computer. So every user of a computer should ensure that any data they cannot afford to loose is backed up— before service or support is provided.


Labor Rates for SOHO and End-User Support

Routine User Task Tutoring  . . . . . . . . . $10.00
Assistance that any experienced user should be able to provide, such as talking another user through a provided set of written instructions. Any tutoring that cannot be accomplished in well under an hour is beyond the scope of this assistance. And the additional experience that is required to effectively provide support over the phone also makes that beyond the scope of this assistance.
An End-User Assistance Call  . . . . . . . . . $25.00
End-User support provided in person, or over the phone. This includes: a tutoring session that can be accomplished within an hour. Any very straight forward installation of hardware and drivers, where only a screwdriver is required to install the hardware, and the most up-to-date drivers from the Internet "just load and work" as expected. The replacement of failed hardware, that requires only a diagnostics boot CD and a screwdriver. The regular maintenance of a laser printer, that does not require special training on printer service. Using a product like Acronis True Image to create an image back-up [exact copy] of a hard drive. General operating system support that does not require any involved troubleshooting. For example, providing straight-forward virus removal. Where installing an up-to-date Anti-Virus program or a removal utility is able to clean the system. Then scanning with other Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware products finds nothing malicious. Any "quick fix" type support. For example, a search via Goggle locates the needed support information in short order, and this then takes less than 15 minutes to implement. (Not a "5 to 10 minute fix" I happen to know about after hours or days of research and work.)
A Computer Support Incident  . . . . . . . . $60.00
Routine troubleshooting and maintenance, that should be performed by experienced support personnel. This includes: The resoldering or outright replacement of connectors— if it should not require more than an hour to do so. A generic re-load of Windows and/or Microsoft Office with all updates and "standard" programs like anti-virus— when there is no need to backup any user data, no special programs (such as an alternate firewall or private network access) are needed, and no user specific configuration needs to be performed. The most up-to-date OEM drivers do not work satisfactorily for a device. So finding, installing and checking the operation of an alternate driver— based on either the same or a compatible chipset— is required. (No many hours of research. No needing to try many drivers.) Any manner of quickly implemented fix that I happen to know about after many hours of previous research and work.
A Computer Service Project  . . . . . . . . $100.00
Computer support that will be time consuming, requires on-going trouble shooting, or what needs to be done will be complex and involved. This includes: Troubleshooting any type of intermittent equipment failures, needing to implement several possible solutions to (finally) satisfactorily resolve a problem; needing many hours of research to find a solution to a problem; laptop or printer service that requires extensive disassembly of the unit; or any other hardware service that will be involved and/or time consuming. The complete reloading, initial set-up, and updating of a computer system— using the provided operating system and programs, plus other programs and utilities downloaded from the Internet. (No pirated software.) Also, what would be 2 or 3 separate but very similar Computer Support Incidents may be billed as a single Computer Service Project, if the work for all Support Incidents is performed together (at the same time and place).
System Resurrection Work  . . . . . . . . $125.00+
A "system replacement" recommendation is appropriate, and instead I am instructed to resurrect the existing system. This includes: Any recommendation to have a dealer re-built the system, to an extent that essentially results in having a new computer system. (Laptop motherboard replacement; new power supply, motherboard, CPU and memory into a desktop system; etc..) Or some combination of hardware repair work, then software support services, that each amount to a separate Computer Service Project. For example, the re-building of the hardware (multiple hardware failures have occurred); then partitioning, formatting, and totally reloading the hard drive from the original CD's. Work that goes beyond that "double project" scope, or requires my paying for the specialized services of a third party, could be subject to additional labor charges. A firm quote will be provided for approval before proceeding with any work that would exceed $125 in labor charges.

Note: For any equipment requiring System Resurrection Work, either my performing work that may qualify as "a minor miracle", or the scope and number of failures that have occurred, means I cannot promise anything in terms of damage or future failures. Thus the only assurance I can provide, is that payment will be based on what I do succeed in delivering.


   If I am not able to resolve a problem, then there is no charge for the attempt to do so. (Travel charges for on-site service might still apply.) And should something occur days or weeks latter, that is somehow related to previous support work— rather than a totally separate problem— then I may be able to handle that as a continuation of the initial call, with a change in the scope for the problem. Where the final bill for a single ongoing and more involved problem, is less than the total bill for several smaller but separate problems. (Paid only for services actually delivered, in a manner that is fair to the customer and fair to myself.)

   The above amounts are in Canadian funds. For on-site service, please see the Services For Hire Overview page, for information about travel charges and possible surcharges.


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