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Internet Hosting Services

[WWW Link]Site Savvy: Tier 1 providers can help
http://www.infoworld.com/articles/op/xml/00/11/06/001106opsavvy.xml    [New Window]
[WWW Link]Q9 Networks Inc. ...Canadian Tier 1 Hosting.
http://www.q9networks.com/    [New Window]
Q9 currently operates data centers in downtown Calgary and downtown Toronto. Get a managed dedicated server from $1250CND/mo.
[WWW Link]Canada Web Hosting
http://www.canadawebhosting.com/    [New Window]
There operate servers in Toronto and Vancouver data centers. The many hosting packages they offer include some very impressive looking eMax Virtual Private Server (VPS) packages, starting at $49CND/mo.
[WWW Link]Servage one solution
http://www.servage.net/    [New Window]

My current hosting provider. They host all client sites on clustered servers, for exceptional performance and reliability. Their servers are physically located in their own top datacenter in northern Germany with more than 120 direct peering including WorldCom, Level3 & GlobalCrossing-- ensuring ultra fast connectivity to any country, world wide.

The (Canadian Dollars) $9.49 per month hosting package provides 75000 MB of Web space and 600 GB of bandwidth, for up to 25 domains. Use coupon code CUST18471 to get 2500 Mb extra space (77500 MB total).

[WWW Link]DreamHost (West Coast USA Hosting Firm)
http://www.dreamhost.com/    [New Window]

Several businesses, including a local Web Design firm, recommended this hosting service to me. They provide full featured hosting packages at bargain prices.

Megasale Event: 20 GB of storage and 1 TB of transfer to host unlimited domains for $7.95US per month.

[WWW Link]BlackSun (Offices & Servers in Saskatchewan)
http://www.blacksun.ca/hosting.html    [New Window]
An established and well regarded Canadian ISP that offers hosting plans starting at $10CND/mo.
[WWW Link]HaiSoft (Offices & Servers in France)
http://www.haisoft.net/index.en.php    [New Window]
My Website and e-mail were satisfactorily hosted by this firm for several years. So for an inexpensive hosting package, that is appropriate for a personal or general information Website, this is the provider that I would recommend.
[WWW Link]easyDNS ...Tier 1 DNS services.
http://www.easydns.com/    [New Window]
They offer DNS hosting with back-up e-mail servers, and a Domain Name Registrar. The DNS service includes six redundant (multi-site) servers, with support for dynamic IP Internet connections, all configured via a Web control panel. While for mail delivery problems, they can receive and store e-mail messages, to be forwarded once your main mail server is back on-line. So no matter what other provider I use to actually host my Website and e-mail, the services of easyDNS are what I can always depend upon.
[WWW Link]Freenet6 ...powered by Hexago
http://www.freenet6.net/    [New Window]
They offer free IPv6 DNS hosting with TSP Client software, to provide IPv6 connectivity via existing (dynamic) IPv4 Internet access.


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Page Content Updated: 18 April 2006

    Note: If your hosting service has their servers physically located in the USA, then you must also abide by any US laws that apply to Internet content, or surrendering private (client) information to law officials.

    99% Uptime-- The remaining 1% of a year is about 3 days and 16 hours . . . which would permit one "couple of days" service outage, in addition to some short outages and normal maintenance.

    99.9% Uptime-- The remaining 0.1% of a year is only about 9 hours.

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