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Other Internet Services

[WWW Link]Canadian ISP Internet Access Locator
http://www.canadianisp.com/    [New Window]
Search for a local ISP in your province or territory, and your city or town. Local ISPs are then presented in comparative listings, with user ratings (when available).
[WWW Link]ChangeDetection.com
http://www.changedetection.com/    [New Window]
This free Service will automatically monitor any Webpage for changes. And when a monitored page did change during the previous day, a notification email will be sent to anyone using this service to watch that Webpage.
[WWW Link]InternetSeer Website monitoring service
http://www.internetseer.com/    [New Window]
This Web server monitoring service offers a "Once per hour" check that a designated Webpage from your site can be accessed via the Internet.
[WWW Link]ICRA: Internet Content Rating Association
http://www.icra.org/    [New Window]
The open and objective system for the rating of webpages by content providers, for content such as sex or violence. Thus enabling concerned individuals, such as parents or businesses, to filter out inappropriate and unrated Webpages. (That unrated pages can also be blocked makes it desirable for all public sites to use this free service.)


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