The below links are sites of interest I found on the Internet. I have not used any of these services, so what is stated at each of the below Websites is all I know about these firms.

Additional Internet Hosting Services

[WWW Link]ZeRO Web Hosting    [New Window]
"Real Solutions, ZeRO hassles." Their Toronto data center has a direct connection to the same Internet backbone Q9 uses.
[WWW Link]MultiWebHosting (Offices in Toronto)    [New Window]
[WWW Link]Planet Velocity (Canadian ISP, US Servers?)    [New Window]
They offer a unique Unix/Windows Hybrid Systems set-up.
[WWW Link] (Offices & Servers in Ontario)    [New Window]
Hosting starting at $2.99 per month Canadian. Their hosting plans go up to 1000MB and 30GB per month for $11.99 Canadian.
[WWW Link]AMRAY Network (Western Canada ISP)    [New Window]


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