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Sites supporting Local Gamers

[WWW Link]AccessDenied!
http://www.accessdenied.net    [New Window]
A free service for finding local gamers, and much more.
[WWW Link]Pandemonium
http://www.realmsquest.org/pandemonium/index.html    [New Window]
A yearly games convention in this area of Toronto.
[WWW Link]Toronto Role-Players Association
http://zephn.com/trpa/    [New Window]
"The Toronto Role-Players Association (TRPA) is an umbrella organization who's goal is to bring together role-playing gamers for the enjoyment of their hobby. We do this principally by maintaining a roster of gamers, their in-game characters, the games and their DMs, and by facilitating contact between them for the purpose of starting and running games."
http://www.elumir.com/games/    [New Window]
Another local boardgaming site, with lots of information.
[WWW Link]The General Staff Games Club
http://dpsimpson.com/_wsn/page2.html    [New Window]
A Toronto boardgaming club, that meets downtown.


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