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Cosmic Encounter . . . learn the rules, then break them

[WWW Link]Cosmic Encounter® by Avalon Hill (a.k.a. Hasbro)
http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=ah/prod/cosmic    [New Window]
[WWW Link]Cosmic Encounter® Online
http://www.cosmicencounter.com/    [New Window]
A paid subscription site that offers a Free Trial.
[WWW Link]The Warp
http://redamedia.com/warp/    [New Window]
A great Cosmic Encounter Expansions and Rules page.
[WWW Link]Cosmic Encounter WWW Index
http://scv.bu.edu/~aarondf/cosmic/    [New Window]
A Cosmic Encounter Support and Links page that includes the below Flares and the corresponding Powers.
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Framingham Group Flare Cards
[HTML format Notes]Acquiring "Cosmic Encounter"
Note: Avalon Hill now makes and sells this boardgame.
[WWW Link]Mayfair Games Cosmic Catalogue
http://www.coolgames.com/mfg-shop/oande/qps/mfg-ce.html    [New Window]
[Usenet News Link]Cosmic Encounter Usenet Group


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Page Content Updated: 1 April 2006

The FILCH Card:

    "You may cheat and take tokens from the warp (to bases) or cards from the deck or discard pile when you are not entitled to them. If caught in the act, you lose one token to the warp and return the items you were caught Filching. You don't have to reveal this card unless you are caught, but once it is revealed, the deck and discard [pile] are placed next to you for easy access."

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