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TITAN . . . "MonsterSlugathonFantasyWargame".

[WWW Link]Bruno's TITAN Home Page
http://www.uwm.edu/~bruno/titan/    [New Window]
[Text File]The TITAN List
http://www.allensmith.net/Board/TITAN.TXT    [New Window]
A post about using the TITAN listserv (mailing list).
[Text File]David Desjardin's Titan Strategy Page
http://www.desjardins.org/titan/strategy.txt    [New Window]
[WWW Link]Cheewai's Titan Pages
http://www.cheewai.com/titan/    [New Window]
[WWW Link]Colosuss Fan Page Index
http://www.coiinc.com/people/scug/    [New Window]
COLOSUSS is a Java clone of the TitanTM boardgame. Site also provides pdf's for "The Law of Titan", and the "Badlands" variant with battlelands and rules.
[WWW Link]Titan Battleland Construction Kit
http://www.angelfire.com/pq/Urhixidur/Titan/Battlelands.html    [New Window]


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