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RoboRally . . . More fun chaotic weirdness
Sci-Fi moving obstacle course meets demolition derby.

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The new version of RoboRally by Avalon Hill.
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An archived copy of the original RoboRally site at web.archive.org
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A site for making your own RoboRally boards.
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Page Content Updated: 7 April 2006


Type: Series 12 Twonky-style Vid Bot.

Operation Notes: The Twonky is cursed. It knows exactly what's going on. It knows there is no escape, and it knows that telling the other robots will only make things worse. Twonkys frequently contemplate self-destruction, but refuse to give the computers the satisfaction.

Factory Task: Efficiency monitoring and communications. Unit History: The control computer LOOK-E-77-P decided to place her in the RoboRally after she began starting floor status reports with selected quotes from Nietzsche.

 ROBO RALLY Operating Manual, pg. 49  
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