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Rail Games . . . I like the "Crayons" type. B^)))
Empire Builder, EuroRails & Iron Dragon are the best!

[WWW Link]New Random "Crayon Rails" Decks
http://www.icynic.com/cgi-bin/rails    [New Window]
Generate new/different load & destination card decks.
[WWW Link]Public-Locking Rules for Crayon Rail Games
http://www.icynic.com/~don/rails/LockRules.html    [New Window]
Makes the game more competitive and less dependent on luck.
[WWW Link]More Variant Rules for Crayon Rail Games
http://www.icynic.com/~don/rails/Variants.html    [New Window]
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Ultimate Fantasy Rails
. . . or the Iron Dragon conquest of EuroRails.
[WWW Link]Rail Empires: Iron Dragon
http://www.irondragon.org/    [New Window]
The computer version of Iron Dragon.
[WWW Link]Rail Baron Fanatics Site
http://www.insystem.com/rbp/    [New Window]
Alternate game maps, FAQ, etc..


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    Up most of the night, with other supposed adults, "playing with choo-choo trains and crayons" . . . riiiiiiiiiiiiight . . . (Sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction. B^)))

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