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Utilities for Web Graphics

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NetMechanic -- Free Web Site Tune-Ups!
* GifBot: Size reduce JPEG's GIF's & animated GIF's.
* HTML Toolkit: excellent for checking load speed.
 (Useful code check, but not real HTML validation.)
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OptiView PageRacer -- 56k Modem Simulator
See a page load at 56k -- with and without optimization.
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OptiView -- Accelerate your website!

    OptiView is a fee for service site, which is well worth the money; as it is among the very best at reducing image sizes, while remaining easy to use. Most images processed by OptiView will show at least a little improvement, over the results produced by one of the free sites. And some images are reduced substantially further by OptiView. Especially when OptiView is run on the original copy of those images. More important to some, OptiView also permits reducing GIF images using a browser safe color pallet. So that most the images on a web site, which look great when viewed using 16 bit High Color, will still look good when viewed on systems supporting only 256 colors.

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VisiBone Webmaster's Color Laboratory
The 216 "safe" colors & color blindness information.
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Create more "safe" colors by the dithering of color.
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Vischeck -- Simulates color blind vision

For related applications see the Graphic Tools page.


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