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Website Hand-Coding Programs

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AceHTML 5 -- excellent for editing code.
Freeware (AdWare), or 30 day trial before purchase.
* Coding references and code validation features.
* Tools such as multi-line/multi-file search & replace.
[WWW Link]>>
TopStyle -- Excellent CSS Programming Tool.
* Download the FREE version: TopStyle Lite 3.10
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ParkeNet HTML Editor -- Freeware
An html text editor with some powerful features.
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HTML-Kit -- great for code cleanup and validation.
See HTML-Kit plugins page for updates and add-ins.
* Use TIDY on code other (visual) programs create.
* WDG and W3C standards based code validation.
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includeHTML -- Free Web development program
* Enables management of websites by hand-coding.
* Provides fully reversible Webpage pre-processing.
[WWW Link]>>
PPWIZARD HTML Preprocessor
A Free and powerful SSI like coding pre-processor.
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BK ReplaceEM -- Freeware
Multi-line, multi-string, multi-file Search & Replace.
* A little awkward to setup and use, but powerful.
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TextPipe Web ($40US / 36EUR)
Multi-line, multi-string, multi-file Search & Replace.
* Fairly easy to setup and use, and very powerful.
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Dan's Web Tips: Validators vs. Linters
* Then Cleaning Up After WYSIWYG Editors.
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Web Design Group -- the site for HTML & CSS
* Authoritative HTML 4.0 and HTML 3.2 references.
* Also providing Link Checking & HTML validation.
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Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM)
Link verification: checks Websites for broken links.


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