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HTML and CSS: tags and rules

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Special Edition Using HTML 4 (4th ed.)
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* Getting a bit dated, but still very useful.
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HTML & XHTML: The Complete Reference
HTML Element Reference
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Web Design Group -- the site for HTML & CSS
* Authoritative HTML 4.0 and HTML 3.2 references.
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<font> Coding Pitfalls
Webpage font coding problems and solutions.
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Back to Basics: META Tags
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RichInStyle -- huge CSS Browser Bug Lists
This is "necessary reading" for using CSS's.
* With CSS Masterclass and Always Work CSS's
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Dan's Web Tips
* HTML Comments, E-mail Links and much more.
See also: Website Coding Programs.


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Page Content Updated: November 6, 2003

    A Webpage should always be quickly checked with Lynx, as that will provide a very strong indication of how search engines and special needs or accessibility users will see (or hear) that page. (No in-line graphics, no JavaScript, etc..) This check should ensure that all the essential navigation is provided in a usable manner. And that all page content which matters-- meaning everything that is not just a "visual enhancement"-- is still clearly presented.

    Performing this check can cause important details, like missing or inappropriate image alt attributes, or Webpage coding that does not "degrade gracefully", to become immediately obvious.

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