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JavaScript and DHTML References

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JavaScript Tutorial for Programmers
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Universal JavaScript Rollovers
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Speeding Up Image Rollovers
Post page-load, pre-loading rollover images.
  • The JavaScript rollover code (from the above article) located in the <head> section of the HTML, can also be adapted to pre-load the images for non-rollover graphical navigation links.
    • DO use the "slice and paste together with a table" method on larger images, so only the small (file size) navigation images are pre-loaded.
    • I sometimes also adapt the onMouseOver part of the rollover code, to make certain that every browser that supports the required JavaScript will "respect" pre-loading the navigation images. (Somewhere in the past, I've seen that needed.)
  • A <body> tag onLoad command can also be used to load large page images after the rest of the page has finished loading.
  • If several images need to be "post-loaded", then the below JavaScript program is useful.
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Nebula Internet Software: OSLoader
Load large images after the webpage loads.
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A flying menu attack (Dynamic menus)
. . . can wound your navigation.
See also: Website Coding Programs.


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Page Content Updated: January 24, 2003

    JavaScript runs on the client computer, placing it fully under the control of the end-user, or the appropriate systems administrator. So with the (small) prospect of someone maliciously using JavaScript, to destroy data or cause a security breach, some individuals and (large) organizations will simply disable JavaScript.  . . . Not to mention all those annoying pop-up ads also stop occurring when JavaScript is disabled.

    Thus, JavaScript should only be used to enhance the functionality of a Webpage, where the page content and site navigation never outright depend on it. (Everything works without JavaScript, but some things may work better using JavaScript.)

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