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SOHO and End-User Support Services
(SOHO -- Small Office / Home Office)


    The scope of this service provides technical support to setup, maintain and use the computer systems and networks that are typically found in a home or small office. This support includes computers that share resources, such as folders, printers, or Internet access. And it also includes the use of network attached devices, such as Internet routers, laser printers, or network hard drives. However servers, such as Windows Small Business Server, are not included, as those require a level of technical support that is beyond the scope of this service.

[In-site WWW Page]Fixed Rate Technical Support Services
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The "per task" amounts I would expect to be paid, if I am hired as a contract employee, to provide technical support on an "as needed" basis.
[In-site WWW Page]End-User Computer Support by E-mail
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For additional assistance related to something I have written, or some basic technical support for a SOHO/End-User type problem.


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Page Content Updated: April 12, 2005

    With Microsoft products, I like to wait for Service Pack 2 (SP2) to come out for each product, before I install and use it. That when a company, like Microsoft, is releasing "latest and greatest" or "cutting edge" (some might say bleeding edge) products, what they release to market most certainly does work. However, some of the details might need "the masses" (world-wide market) using the product for a while, to finish figuring out exactly how those details need to be implemented. And I find that by SP2 (the second significant product update), most Microsoft products are the mature and reasonably proven product that I would want to use.

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