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    Replies are provided for Technical Support emails as I can make time to do so. Which hopefully means in well under 24 hours, from when any support request was sent. Then if the support provided by email does resolve your problem, I do request a donation or voluntary payment of $10.00 (Canadian funds), to help cover the costs for this Website, and also to contribute to improvements in what I am able to support.

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Computer Support by E-mail


    I am providing this service on a best effort basis, completely "AS IS", with no warranty of any kind. And any user of this service should be aware of the following:

That during the almost two years I worked doing phone support for IBM USA, I had exactly one person break a small plastic clip inside a computer. So while "don't force anything" is the golden rule, and damage is not expected, it can happen.


    For all support provided by e-mail, I reserve the right to edit any question and answer-- in a manner that removes any personally identifiable information-- then publicly provide that summary on my Website. As this enables me to place the most useful answers onto the Internet, where others who need that information can find it. (a.k.a. "Google is my friend.")


    Therefore, if my SOHO and End-User Support page , or one of the driver summaries I have written, suggests your system is something I would support, and the above terms are acceptable, support can be requested by sending an email to:


    Any request for support should contain the following information:


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    Using the e-mail address support[AT]allensmith.net requires reading and accepting the above terms of service. If the above terms are not acceptable to you, then do not use this service.

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