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Webpage Critiques


   A page for Websites I come across, where the services I have to offer really could make a difference. (Read something I try works extremely well.) So these Website critiques are presented as constructive examples, to demonstrate what is possible. But as examples of the possible, the results may or may not justify what my services would cost.

RedRock Catering, Restaurant & Bar  . . .  www.redrockto.com
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Existing RedRock Site Homepage.   (142K)
(As it was, when I first looked at this site.)
[Webpage Copy or 'Mirror']>>
Proposed Optimized Site Homepage.   (46K)
Scope of Work: 2 days. (A lot of hand graphics work.)
    This proposal essentially took (what was) the existing Homepage design, and performed extensive optimization, to provide loading performance appropriate for dial-up Internet users. Optimization that included both reducing the total file size for the page, and adjusting the order in which the resulting graphic images load.
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Page Content Updated: June 15, 2003

    The content of any critiqued Webpage remains the property of the original site and the respective owner(s). However, I do lay claim to the work performed to produce the example optimized page(s). And any request to critique a specific Website (for free), will be considered based on the merits of the "Critique by Example", which would result from my evaluation.

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