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Sample Web Consulting Work

ColdStream Associates Limited  . . .  www.coldstream.ca
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Existing Framed ColdStream Website.
(As it was, when I first looked at this site.)
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Delivered Un-Framed ColdStream Website.
Scope of Work: 1 Week
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Example Updated ColdStream Website.
Scope of Work: 1 Day
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    This project was to update the format of the existing site. On the delivered version, the Coldstream logo needed "pixel perfect" positioning, using any current browser. So the logo could not be lifted out of the background, to create a link back to the site homepage. Two years latter, by utilizing slightly newer Web standards, the update places a transparent GIF over this logo, to enable a homepage link.

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XOSL HOWTOs and FAQs (v1.00)  . . .  www.xosl.org/faqhow/faq.html
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Enhanced Navigation XOSL HOWTOs and FAQs.
Scope of Work: 2 Days

    This How-To and FAQ contains some very useful information, but I found it a bit difficult to use and move around in the original document. (That's just my personal opinion.) So to improve the usability of this information, I created a multi-page copy that provides more extensive navigation within the document. And includeHTML was used, to also create an "all-in-one" version, from a single copy of the FAQ text.

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