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The FictionBook 2 Format


Overview and Reader Programs

[WWW Link]The FictionBook eBook Format
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FictionBook    [New Window]
[WWW Link]Haali Reader . . . for Windows CE & Windows PCs
http://haali.cs.msu.ru/pocketpc/    [New Window]
With a well configured copy of Haali Reader on my Tablet PC, I actually prefer to read the FictionBook (.fb2) copy of a book, rather than the Hardcover version of that same book. (For a Laptop or Tablet PC, download the Desktop version which is also listed on that page.)
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Configuring Haali Reader on A Tablet PC
The configuration I use to get the best results from this program.
[WWW Link]FBReader . . . for Linux PDAs and desktop PCs
http://only.mawhrin.net/fbreader/    [New Window]
Includes support for the Nokia 770/N800/N810 Internet Tablet.
[WWW Link]BookShelf . . . eBook reader for iPhone & iPod Touch
http://www.iphonebookshelf.com/    [New Window]
* Use this with the WebScription.net & Baen Free Library ShelfServer.
* Also includes support for the FictionBook2 format (.fb2) with images.

Some eBooks available in FictionBook Format

Little Fuzzy (Fuzzies #1) ...H. Beam Piper
Project Gutenberg
Plague Ship (Solar Queen #2) ...Andre Norton
Project Gutenberg



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