Configuring Haali Reader on A Tablet PC

    There are 4 things that combine to make reading a FictionBook novel on my Tablet PC preferable to reading a Hardcover novel:

  • The 768x1024 display size on a 10.4 inch LCD provides a fine dot pitch and a good quality of type to begin with.
  • Any reader program that also uses ClearType can then provide a visual experience that is close to that of a hardcover book.
  • Adjusting the Display Gamma within Haali Reader enables getting the best possible results from the use of ClearType.
  • Setting Haali Reader to use an extremely pale green background with dark grey text also simulates the use of Easy-Eye paper.

    In general, the below adjustments to Haali Reader try to simulate one page from a Hardcover novel. That in addition to adjusting the background and text coloring, I set side margins to simulate the single column of text on a printed page, and adjust the program Display gamma to what makes the ClearType work best on my LCD.

Note: Haali Reader can rotate the book text by 90 degree steps... so a laptop user could open up their computer, then turn it on its side, to read a book the way a Tablet PC user would. If that is done, then I suggest also using the size 19 Goergia font mentioned below.


Configuring Haali Reader

    The below changes to the default configuration are what works best for me on an HP TC1000 Tablet PC. For other users, or a different Tablet PC, slightly different settings may be preferred.

  • Display...
    • Font: Bookman Old Style (or Goergia if MS Office fonts not installed.)
    • Size: 17 (or 19 for Goergia)
    • Rotate 0o (try 90o or 270o on a laptop)
    • Bold NOT selected
    • Font smoothing: ClearType
    • Columns: 1
    • Margins: 64
    • Justify: Selected
  • Progress bar
    • Enabled, Position and Battery are the only selected items.
  • Colors.. --> Change...
    • Text  R=51 G=51 B=51
    • Highlight 4  R=0 G=102 B=0
    • Background  R=250 G=255 B=250
    • Highlighted Background  R=221 G=204 B=255
    • Display gamma: 1.8
  • Styles...
    • Emphasis  Color=HL4 Italics=On
    • Subtitle  Font= +5
    • Title  Font= +8
  • General...
    • Rotate Buttons NOT checked
    • File Buffer:=1024KB
    • Save Bookmarks for=1024


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Page Content Updated: 5 March 2006