Discrimination has no place in any business, and as a Technical Support Professional, my services are available to any legal and well run business. So the below sites have nothing to do with what I would approve of or endorse. Instead they are presented only as example Web design and development work.

Web Development Portfolio
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Some Recent Development Work

[WWW Link]Venus Adult Movies  . . .  www.venusadultmovies.ca
An Adult Site containing some explicit (DVD cover) images.
[Webpage Copy or 'Mirror']Development Copy of Venus Adult Movies site
This version uses less explicit DVD cover images.

   Of particular note is the development version "Items for Sale" page. On that page, JavaScript is used to encourage pre-loading of the 3 DVD cover images that are part of the page layout. The few product images load normally with the rest of the page. Then browsers that support JavaScript will fill in the bottom of page DVD images after the page has loaded.


Any site I create for a client will use CSS for page layout. However, this site was created back when tables were used for layout, so it is currently in transition. For now, the navigation header and footer continue to use layout tables, but the page content uses CSS layout. I am also updating this site one small section at a time— so once the entire site is at the current revision, the next update will deal with those remaining layout tables.


Baen Free eBooks Information

[In-site WWW Page]Annotated Baen Free eBooks Listing
... in the Sci-Fi & Fantasy eBooks section of this site.

   I currently use includeHTML with xml data files and xhtml pages as an extremely simplistic Content Management System (CMS). Then PHP5 is used to insert any site-wide navigation and content into each page. Eventually, this will be accomplished using some combination of SQLite, PHP5 and XSLT.

   For any current browser that supports using compressed (.gz) html files, the above page will also utilize a drastically smaller file for the webpage.

Archived [Previous Address] Street Maps

[In-site WWW Page]Street map for 96 Snowhill Crescent
[In-site WWW Page]Street map for Havenbrook Towers

   These two pages were gracefully archived in a manner that directs any viewer to my current contact information and street map— while still leaving the old pages on the Internet for anyone else who still lives in those areas.


Older Development Projects


ColdStream Associates Limited  . . .  www.coldstream.ca

[Webpage Copy or 'Mirror']Development Copy of ColdStream site

   This project was to update the format of the existing website to an un-framed site. On the delivered version, the ColdStream logo needed "pixel perfect" positioning, using any current browser. So the logo could not be lifted out of the background, to create a link back to the site homepage. Two years latter, by utilizing slightly newer Web standards, this final update places a transparent GIF over the logo, to enable a homepage link.


RedRock Catering, Restaurant & Bar  . . .  www.redrockto.com

[Webpage Copy or 'Mirror']Existing RedRock Site Homepage.   (142K)
(As it was, when I first looked at this site.)
[Webpage Copy or 'Mirror']Proposed Optimized Site Homepage.   (46K)
Scope of Work: 2 days. (A lot of hand graphics work.)

   This proposal essentially took (what was) the existing Homepage design, and performed extensive optimization, to provide loading performance appropriate for dial-up Internet users. Optimization that included both reducing the total file size for the page, and adjusting the order in which the resulting graphic images load.


Related Work and Projects


Indexers United

[.PDF Document File]Resorts & Great Hotels — 1999 Edition    170M
(Provided only as an example of the work I was doing.)
I did not scan in, or otherwise create this PDF document. Rather, on a paid piecework basis, it was my job to create the Content links and PDF bookmarks for the provided PDF documents.
This work was performed using the following steps:
  • Log into the Indexers United server, then check-out and download a document to work on.
  • For all listings in the Table of Contents— including all pictures with a page number— create an "invisible border" link to the correct page in the document.
  • Using the created Contents links, create a PDF bookmark to the beginning of each article or section in the PDF document.
  • Upload the now indexed document to the Indexers United server, for final review and (hopefully) acceptance.
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