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Annotated Baen Free eBooks Listing
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   The Baen CD-ROMs are promotional material for the books and authors found at www.baen.com; and the many Baen books that are also available as ebooks from WebScriptions. Please note that the labeling on each Baen CD-ROM states "This disk and its content may be copied and shared, but NOT sold. All commercial rights reserved".

   The Baen Free Library serves much the same purpose. However, it is up to each author— and whoever controls the electronic rights— if they will place a book in that collection. Thus the Baen Free Library also includes a few books from other publishers.


   Any book found in the Baen Free Library is listed using a light purple background. Any book found on one or more Baen CD-ROMs is listed using a noticeably fainter purple background. (Any book in both collections will somehow use both purples.) And for any content that cannot be purchased from WebScriptions, that section of the page background will be solid white (instead of a pale grey grid).

   Authors will sometimes collaborate to write a book or series of books, so I have tried to group the books that each author has worked on into one area of this listing. Thus this listing is by related authors instead of alphabetically by author.

   There are two Baen CD-ROM 13 and no Baen CD-ROM 14; so I call Jim Baen's Universe (the second #13) CD 14. There are also two CD-ROM 24; so for now I call the second one CD 25.

   Any link that is within a book listing will open in a New Window. The link for each eBook SKU goes to that book at WebScriptions. And the link for each CD goes to that CD-ROM at the baencd site. (http://baencd.thefifthimperium.com/)


Baen Anthologies ...includes Tributes to Jim Baen (1943-2006)

The Best of Jim Baen's Universe (Anthology) ...edited by Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2136-4, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5558-7, eBook SKU:1416521364
WebScription 2007Jul 2008Jun,  Baen CD 14
Jim Baen's Universe (Volume 1 Number 1) ...edited by Eric Flint
Magazine ISBN:1932-0930-01, eBook SKU:1932093001
Baen CD 14
Jim Baen's Universe (Volume 1 Number 2) ...edited by Eric Flint
Magazine ISBN:1932-0930-02, eBook SKU:1932093002
Baen CD 14
Jim Baen's Universe (Volume 1 Number 3) ...edited by Eric Flint
Magazine ISBN:1932-0930-03, eBook SKU:1932093003
Baen CD 14
Jim Baen's Universe (Volume 1 Number 4) ...edited by Eric Flint
Magazine ISBN:1932-0930-04, eBook SKU:1932093004
Baen CD 14
The World Turned Upside Down (Anthology) ...edited by David Drake & Eric Flint & Jim Baen
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-9874-7, Trade ISBN:1-4165-2068-6, eBook SKU:0743498747
WebScription 2005Jan 2006Jun,  Baen CD 13 14 23

The Vorkosigan Saga ...by Lois McMaster Bujold

Cordelia's Honor (Double Novel)
Shards of Honor (Vorkosigan Saga #1) ...Lois McMaster Bujold
Barrayar (Vorkosigan Saga #2) ...Lois McMaster Bujold
Trade ISBN:0-671-87749-6, Paperback ISBN:0-671-57828-6, eBook SKU:0671578286
WebScription 2003Jul,  Baen CD 24
Young Miles (Omnibus)
The Warrior's Apprentice (Vorkosigan Saga #3) ...Lois McMaster BujoldFree
The Mountains of Mourning (Vorkosigan Story) ...Lois McMaster BujoldFree
 ..."The Mountains of Mourning" is also part of the Novel "The Borders of Infinity".
The Vor Game (Vorkosigan Saga #4) ...Lois McMaster Bujold
Trade ISBN:0-671-87782-8, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3616-4, eBook SKU:0743436164
WebScription 2003Jul,  Baen CD 24
Miles, Mystery and Mayhem (Omnibus)
Cetaganda (Vorkosigan Saga #5) ...Lois McMaster Bujold
Ethan of Athos (Vorkosigan Saga #6) ...Lois McMaster Bujold
Labyrinth (Vorkosigan Story) ...Lois McMaster Bujold
  ..."Labyrinth" is also part of the Novel "The Borders of Infinity".
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31858-6, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3618-0, eBook SKU:0671318586
WebScription 2003Aug,  Baen CD 24
Miles Errant (Omnibus)
The Borders of Infinity (Vorkosigan Story) ...Lois McMaster Bujold
  ..."The Borders of Infinity" is also part of the Novel "The Borders of Infinity".
Brothers in Arms (Vorkosigan Saga #8) ...Lois McMaster Bujold
Mirror Dance (Vorkosigan Saga #9) ...Lois McMaster Bujold
Trade ISBN:0-7434-3558-3, eBook SKU:0743435583
WebScription 2003Aug,  Baen CD 24
Miles in Love (Omnibus)
Komarr (Vorkosigan Saga #11) ...Lois McMaster Bujold
A Civil Campaign (Vorkosigan Saga #12) ...Lois McMaster Bujold
Winterfair Gifts (Vorkosigan Story) ...Lois McMaster Bujold
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-5522-6, Trade ISBN:1-4165-5547-1, eBook SKU:1416555226
WebScription 2008Feb,  Baen CD 24
Miles, Mutants and Microbes (Omnibus)
Falling Free (Vorkosigan Saga #0) ...Lois McMaster Bujold
Labyrinth (Vorkosigan Story) ...Lois McMaster Bujold
  ..."Labyrinth" is also part of the Omnibus Book "Miles, Mystery and Mayhem".
Diplomatic Immunity (Vorkosigan Saga #13) ...Lois McMaster Bujold
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2141-0, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5600-1, eBook SKU:1416521410
WebScription 2007Aug 2008Nov,  Baen CD 24
Cryoburn (Vorkosigan Saga #14) ...Lois McMaster Bujold
Hardcover ISBN:1-4391-3394-8, eBook SKU:1439133948
WebScription 2010Nov,  Baen CD 24
The Vorkosigan Companion ...edited by Lillian Stewart Carl & John Helfers
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-5603-6, Paperback ISBN:1-4391-3379-4, eBook SKU:1416556036
WebScription 2008Dec 2010Sep,  Baen CD 24
   Note: The Cryoburn Promotional CD contains another tribute to Jim Baen, and many interviews with the author. It also was supposed to contain the entire Vorkosigan Series... however, apparently the book "Memory" was accidentally left off this CD-ROM.

eBooks by Andre Norton

Star Soldiers (Double Novel)
Star Guard ...Andre Norton
Star Rangers ...Andre Norton
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31827-6, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3554-0, eBook SKU:0671318276
WebScription 2001Aug 2002Aug,  Free Library,  Baen CD 06
Time Traders (Double Novel)
The Time Traders (Time Traders #1) ...Andre Norton
Galactic Derelict (Time Traders #2) ...Andre Norton
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31952-3, Paperback ISBN:0-671-31829-2, eBook SKU:0671319523
WebScription 2000Nov,  Free Library,  Baen CD 06

Brain & Brawn series ...created by Anne McCaffrey

Brain Ships (B&B Omnibus #1)
The Ship Who Searched ...Anne McCaffrey & Mercedes Lackey
PartnerShip ...Anne McCaffrey & Margaret Ball
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-7166-0, eBook SKU:0743471660
WebScription 2003Nov,  Baen CD 05

Elves on the Road Universe ...created by Mercedes Lackey

Bedlam Boyz (Bedlam Bard #0) ...Ellen Guon
Paperback ISBN:0-671-72177-1, eBook SKU:0671721771
Knight of Ghosts and Shadows (Bedlam Bard #1) ...Mercedes Lackey & Ellen Guon
Paperback ISBN:0-671-69885-0, eBook SKU:0671698850
WebScription 2010Jul,  Baen CD 25
Beyond World's End (Bedlam Bard #3) ...Mercedes Lackey & Rosemary Edghill
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31955-8, Paperback ISBN:0-671-31855-1, eBook SKU:0671319558
WebScription 2001Jan 2001Dec,  Free Library,  Baen CD 05 06 25
Spirits White as Lightning (Bedlam Bard #4) ...Mercedes Lackey & Rosemary Edghill
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31853-5, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3608-3, eBook SKU:0671318535
WebScription 2001Dec 2003May,  Baen CD 05 25
Mad Maudlin (Bedlam Bard #5) ...Mercedes Lackey & Rosemary Edghill
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-7143-1, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-9905-0, eBook SKU:0743471431
WebScription 2003Aug 2005May,  Baen CD 05 25
Music to My Sorrow (Bedlam Bard #6) ...Mercedes Lackey & Rosemary Edghill
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-0917-8, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2147-X, eBook SKU:1416509178
WebScription 2005Dec 2007Sep,  Baen CD 25
Bedlam's Edge (Bedlam Bard Anthology) ...Mercedes Lackey & Rosemary Edghill
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-0893-7, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2110-0, eBook SKU:1416508937
WebScription 2005Aug 2007Feb,  Baen CD 25
The Chrome Borne (Double Novel)
Born To Run (Serrated Edge #1) ...Mercedes Lackey & Larry DixonFree
Chrome Circle (Serrated Edge #4) ...Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon
Paperback ISBN:0-671-57834-0, eBook SKU:0671578340
WebScription 2001Jul,  Baen CD 05 25
The Other World (Double Novel)
Wheels of Fire (Serrated Edge #2) ...Mercedes Lackey & Mark Shepherd
When the Bough Breaks (Serrated Edge #3) ...Mercedes Lackey & Holly Lisle
Paperback ISBN:0-671-57852-9, eBook SKU:0671578529
WebScription 2000Feb,  Baen CD 05 25
This Scepter'd Isle (Scepter'd Isle #1) ...Mercedes Lackey & Roberta Gellis
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-7156-3, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-9889-5, eBook SKU:0743471563
WebScription 2004Feb 2005Feb,  Free Library,  Baen CD 05 06 25
Ill Met by Moonlight (Scepter'd Isle #2) ...Mercedes Lackey & Roberta Gellis
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-9890-9, eBook SKU:0743498909
WebScription 2005Mar 2006Dec,  Baen CD 25
By Slanderous Tongues (Scepter'd Isle #3) ...Mercedes Lackey & Roberta Gellis
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2107-0, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5531-5, eBook SKU:1416521070
WebScription 2007Feb 2008Mar,  Baen CD 25
And Less than Kind (Scepter'd Isle #4) ...Mercedes Lackey & Roberta Gellis
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-5533-1, Paperback ISBN:1-4391-3284-4, eBook SKU:1416555331
WebScription 2008Apr 2009Aug,  Baen CD 25

Bardic Universe ...created by Mercedes Lackey

The Lark and the Wren (Free Bards #1) ...Mercedes Lackey
Paperback ISBN:0-671-72099-6, eBook SKU:0671720996
WebScription 2001Aug,  Free Library,  Baen CD 05 25
The Robin and the Kestrel (Free Bards #2) ...Mercedes Lackey
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-72183-6, Paperback ISBN:0-671-87628-7, eBook SKU:0671876287
WebScription 2008Mar,  Baen CD 25
Four and Twenty Blackbirds (Free Bards #4) ...Mercedes Lackey
... this Novel is a side story that occurs some time after "The Lark and the Wren".
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-87853-0, Paperback ISBN:0-671-57778-6, eBook SKU:0671878530
WebScription 2004Feb,  Baen CD 05 06 25

Mercedes Lackey Anthologies

Fiddler Fair ...Mercedes Lackey
Paperback ISBN:0-671-87866-2, eBook SKU:0671878662
WebScription 2001Oct,  Free Library,  Baen CD 05 25
Werehunter ...Mercedes Lackey
Paperback ISBN:0-671-57805-7, eBook SKU:0671578057
Free Library,  Baen CD 05 25

Heirs of Alexandria Series

The Shadow of the Lion (Heirs of Alexandria #1) ...Mercedes Lackey & Eric Flint & Dave Freer
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3523-0, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-7147-4, eBook SKU:0743435230
WebScription 2002Mar 2003Sep,  Free LibraryBaen CD 01 05 06 13 23 25
This Rough Magic (Heirs of Alexandria #2) ...Mercedes Lackey & Eric Flint & Dave Freer
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-7149-0, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-9909-3, eBook SKU:0743471490
WebScription 2003Dec 2005Jun,  Baen CD 05 13 23 25
A Mankind Witch (Heirs of Alexandria Novel) ...Dave Freer
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-9913-1, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2115-1, eBook SKU:0743499131
WebScription 2005Jul 2007Mar,  Baen CD 13 23
Much Fall of Blood (Heirs of Alexandria #3) ...Mercedes Lackey & Eric Flint & Dave Freer
Hardcover ISBN:1-4391-3351-4, Paperback ISBN:1-4391-3416-2, eBook SKU:1439133514
WebScription 2010May 2011Feb,  Baen CD 23 25

eBooks by Dave Freer & Eric Flint

Slow Train to Arcturus ...Dave Freer & Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-5585-4, Paperback ISBN:1-4391-3348-4, eBook SKU:1416555854
WebScription 2008Oct 2010Apr,  Baen CD 23
Pyramid Scheme (Book #1) ...Dave Freer & Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31839-X, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3592-3, eBook SKU:067131839X
WebScription 2001Oct 2003Feb,  Free Library,  Baen CD 02 04 05 06 13 23
Pyramid Power (Book #2) ...Dave Freer & Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2130-5, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5596, eBook SKU:1416521305
WebScription 2007Aug 2003Feb,  Baen CD 23
Rats, Bats & Vats (Book #1) ...Dave Freer & Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31940-X, Paperback ISBN:0-671-31828-4, eBook SKU:0671318284
WebScription 2000Sep 2001Sep,  Free Library,  Baen CD 01 06 13 23
The Rats, the Bats and the Ugly (Book #2) ...Dave Freer & Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-8846-6, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2078-3, eBook SKU:0743488466
WebScription 2004Sep 2006Aug,  Free Library,  Baen CD 13 23
The Forlorn ...Dave Freer
Paperback ISBN:0-671-57831-6, eBook SKU:0671578316
WebScription 2000Sep,  Free Library

eBooks in Worlds by James H. Schmitz (edited by Eric Flint)

Agent of Vega and Other Stories (Anthology) ...James H. Schmitz
Paperback ISBN:0-671-31847-0, eBook SKU:0671318470
WebScription 2001Nov,  Free Library,  Baen CD 06
Telzey Amberdon (Hub Anthology #1) ...James H. Schmitz
Paperback ISBN:0-671-57851-0, eBook SKU:0671578510
WebScription 2000Apr,  Free Library,  Baen CD 06
T.N.T: Telzey & Trigger (Hub Anthology #2) ...James H. Schmitz
Paperback ISBN:0-671-57879-0, eBook SKU:0671578790
WebScriptions 2000Jul,  Free Library,  Baen CD 06
Trigger and Friends (Hub Anthology #3) ...James H. Schmitz
Paperback ISBN:0-671-31966-3, eBook SKU:0671319663
WebScription 2001Jan,  Baen CD 06
The Hub: Dangerous Territory (Hub Anthology #4) ...James H. Schmitz
PaperbackISBN:0-671-31984-1, eBook SKU:0671319841
WebScription 2001Apr,  Free Library,  Baen CD 06
The Witches of Karres (Hub Novel #1) ...James H. Schmitz
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-8837-7, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-0915-1, eBook SKU:0743488377
WebScription 2004Jul 2005Nov,  Baen CD 13 23
The Wizard of Karres (Hub Novel #2) ...Mercedes Lackey & Eric Flint & Dave Freer
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-8839-3, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-0926-7, eBook SKU:0743488393
WebScription 2004Aug 2006Jan,  Baen CD 13 23 25
The Sorceress of Karres (Hub Novel #3) ...Eric Flint & Dave Freer
Hardcover ISBN:1-4391-3307-7, Paperback ISBN:9-7814-3913-4, eBook SKU:1439133077
WebScription 2010Jan 2011Jun,  Baen CD 23

eBooks by Christopher Anvil (edited by Eric Flint)

Pandora's Legions ...Christopher Anvil
Paperback ISBN:0-671-31861-6, eBook SKU:0671318616
WebScription 2002Feb,  Free Library,  Baen CD 13 23
Interstellar Patrol ...Christopher Anvil
Trade ISBN:0-7434-3600-8, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-8848-2, eBook SKU:0743436008
WebScription 2003Apr 2004Sep,  Free LibraryBaen CD 13 23
Interstellar Patrol II: The Federation of Humanity ...Christopher Anvil
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-9892-5, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2099-6, eBook SKU:0743498925
WebScription 2005Mar 2007Jan,  Baen CD 13 23
The Trouble With Aliens (Anthology #1) ...Christopher Anvil
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2077-5, eBook SKU:1416520775
WebScription 2006Aug 2008Nov,  Baen CD 13 23
The Trouble With Humans (Anthology #2) ...Christopher Anvil
Trade ISBN:1-4165-2142-9, Paperback ISBN:1-4391-3330-1, eBook SKU:1416521429
WebScription 2007Aug 2010Jan,  Baen CD 23
Prescription for Chaos ...Christopher Anvil
Trade ISBN:1-4165-9143-5, Paperback ISBN:1-4391-3418-9, eBook SKU:1416591435
WebScription 2009Feb 2011May,  Baen CD 23

eBooks in Worlds by Keith Laumer

Imperium (Omnibus)
Worlds of the Imperium ...Keith Laumer & Eric Flint
The Other Side of Time ...Keith Laumer & Eric Flint
Assignment in Nowhere ...Keith Laumer & Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-9903-4, eBook SKU:0743499034
WebScription 2005May,  Baen CD 13 23
Legions of Space (Omnibus) ...Keith Laumer & Eric Flint
A Trace of Memory (Novel)
The Choice, Three Blind Mice, Mind Out Of Time, Message To An Alien
Planet Run (Novel) ...with Gordon R. Dickson
Paperback ISBN:0-7434-8855-5, eBook SKU:0743488555
WebScription 2004Oct,  Free Library,  Baen CD 13 23
Future Imperfect (Omnibus) ...Keith Laumer & Eric Flint
Trade ISBN:0-7434-3606, eBook SKU:0743436067
WebScription 2003May,  Free Library,  Baen CD 13 23
A Plague of Demons & Other Stories ...Keith Laumer & Eric Flint
Trade ISBN:0-7434-3588-5, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-9906-9, eBook SKU:0743435885
WebScription 2003Feb 2005May,  Free Library,  Baen CD 02 13 23
The Lighter Side (Omnibus) ...Keith Laumer & Eric Flint
Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3537-0, eBook SKU:0743435370
WebScription 2002May,  Free Library,  Baen CD 13 23
Odyssey (Omnibus) ...Keith Laumer & Eric Flint
Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3527-3, eBook SKU:0743435273
WebScription 2002Mar,  Free Library,  Baen CD 13 23
Retief! ...Keith Laumer & Eric Flint
Paperback ISBN:0-671-31857-8, eBook SKU:0671318578
WebScription 2002Jan,  Free Library,  Baen CDs 01 06
The Road to Damascus (A Bolo Novel) ...John Ringo & Linda Evans
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-7187-3, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-9916-6, eBook SKU:0743471873
WebScription 2004Mar 2005Jul,  Free LibraryBaen CD 07 08 11 12 16 18
Old Soldiers (A Bolo Novel) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-0898-8, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2104-6, eBook SKU:1416508988
WebScription 2005Sep 2007Feb,  Baen CD 12 17 20 22
Bolo! (Bolo Anthology) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-9872-0, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2062-7, eBook SKU:0743498720
WebScription 2005Jan 2006May,  Baen CD 09 12 17 20 22

eBooks by Murray Leinster (edited by Eric Flint)

Med Ship ...Murray Leinster
Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3555-9, eBook SKU:0743435559
WebScription 2002Aug,  Free Library,  Baen CD 13 23
Planets of Adventure ...Murray Leinster
Paperback ISBN:0-7434-7162-8, eBook SKU:0743471628
WebScription 2003Oct,  Free Library,  Baen CD 13 23
A Logic Named Joe ...Murray Leinster
Paperback ISBN:0-7434-9910-7, eBook SKU:0743499107
WebScription 2005Jun,  Free Library,  Baen CD 13 23

Assiti Shards series ...created by Eric Flint

1632 (Assiti Shards #1) ...Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-57849-9, Paperback ISBN:0-671-31972-8, eBook SKU:0671578499
WebScription 2000Feb 2001Feb,  Free Library,  Baen CD 01 02 04 06 13 23
1633 (Assiti Shards #2) ...Eric Flint & David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3542-7, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-7155-5, eBook SKU:0743435427
WebScription 2002Aug 2003Jul,  Free Library,  Baen CD 01 02 04 06 6b 09 12 13 17 20 22 23
1634: The Galileo Affair (Assiti Shards #3) ...Eric Flint & Andrew Dennis
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-8815-6, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-9919-0, eBook SKU:0743488156
WebScription 2004Apr 2005Aug,  Baen CD 13 23
1634: The Ram Rebellion (Assiti Shards #4) ...Eric Flint & Virginia DeMarce
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2060-0, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-7382-8, eBook SKU:1416520600
WebScription 2006May 2007Dec,  Baen CD 13 23
1634: The Baltic War (Assiti Shards #5) ...Eric Flint & David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2102-X, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5588-9, eBook SKU:141652102X
WebScription 2007May 2008Nov,  Baen CD 14 17 20 22 23
1635: The Cannon Law (Assiti Shards #7) ...Eric Flint & Andrew Dennis
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-0938-0, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5536-6, eBook SKU:1416509380
WebScription 2006Oct 2008Apr,  Baen CD 13 23
1635: The Dreeson Incident (Assiti Shards #8) ...Eric Flint & Virginia DeMarce
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-5589-7, Paperback ISBN:1-4391-3367-0, eBook SKU:1416555897
WebScription 2008Dec 2010Sep,  Baen CD 23
Time Spike (Assiti Shards Novel) ...Eric Flint & Marilyn Kosmatka
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-5538-2, Paperback ISBN:1-4391-3312-3, eBook SKU:1416555382
WebScription 2008May 2010Jan,  Baen CD 23
Ring of Fire (Assiti Shards Anthology) ...edited by Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-7175-X, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-0908-9, eBook SKU:074347175X
WebScription 2004Jan 2005Oct,  Free Library,  Baen CD 13 23
Ring of Fire II (Assiti Shards Anthology) ...edited by Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-7387-9, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-9144-3, eBook SKU:1416573879
WebScription 2008Jan 2009Feb,  Baen CD 23
Images From the Grantville Gazette ...Eric Flint
eBook SKU:1011250006
Grantville Gazette Volume I ...Eric Flint
Paperback ISBN:0-7434-8860-1, eBook SKU:0743488601
Grantville Gazette Bundles,  WebScription 2004Nov,  Free Library,  Baen CD 13 23
Grantville Gazette Volume II ...Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2051-1, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-8860-1, eBook SKU:0743488601
Grantville Gazette Bundles,  WebScription 2006Mar,  Baen CD 13 23
Grantville Gazette Volume III ...Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-0941-0, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5565-X, eBook SKU:1416509410
Grantville Gazette Bundles,  WebScription 2007Jan 2008Jun,  Baen CD 13 23
Grantville Gazette Volume IV ...Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-5554-4, Paperback ISBN:1-4391-3311-5, eBook SKU:1416555544
Grantville Gazette Bundles,  WebScription 2008Jun 2010Aug,  Baen CD 23
Grantville Gazette Volume V ...Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:1-4391-3279-8, Paperback ISBN:1-4391-3422-7, eBook SKU:1439132798
Grantville Gazette Bundles,  WebScription 2009Aug 2011Mar,  Baen CD 23

Other eBooks by Eric Flint

1812: The Rivers of War (Trail of Glory #1) ...Eric Flint
Paperback ISBN:978-0-345-46568-9, eBook SKU:0345465687
Free Library,  Baen CD 13 23
Mother of Demons ...Eric Flint
Paperback ISBN:0-671-87800-X, eBook SKU:067187800X
WebScription 2000Sep,  Free Library,  Baen CD 02 04 13 23
The Philosophical Strangler (Joe's World #1) ...Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31986-8, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3541-9, eBook SKU:0671319868
WebScription 2001May 2002Mar,  Free Library,  Baen CD 02 04 05 06 13 23
Forward the Mage (Joe's World #2) ...Eric Flint & Richard Roach
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3524-9, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-7146-6, eBook SKU:0743435249
WebScription 2002Mar,  Free Library,  Baen CD 02 04 05 06 13 23
Boundary ...Eric Flint & Ryk Spoor
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-0932-1, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5525-0, eBook SKU:1416509321
WebScription 2006Mar 2008Feb,  Baen CD 13 23
The Creatures of Man ...Howard L. Myers & Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3607-5, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-9900-X, eBook SKU:0743436075
WebScription 2003May 2005Apr,  Free Library,  Baen CD 13 23
The Cold Equations & Other Stories ...Tom Godwin & Eric Flint
Trade ISBN:0-7434-3601-6, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-8849-0, eBook SKU:0743436016
WebScription 2003Apr 2004Sep,  Baen CD 13 23
The Dragon Done It (Anthology) ...Eric Flint & Mike Resnick
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31986-8, eBook SKU:1416555285
WebScription 2008Mar,  Baen CD 23
Worlds (Anthology) ...Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-9142-7, eBook SKU:1416591427
WebScription 2009Feb,  Baen CD 23

Belisarius series ...created by David Drake & Eric Flint

An Oblique Approach (Belisarius #1) ...Eric Flint & David Drake
Paperback ISBN:0-671-87865-4, eBook SKU:0671878654
Belisarius Bundle,  Free Library,  Baen CD 01 03 06 13 15 23
In the Heart of Darkness (Belisarius #2) ...Eric Flint & David Drake
Paperback ISBN:0-671-87885-9, eBook SKU:0671878859
Belisarius Bundle,  Free Library,  Baen CD 01 03 06 13 15 23
Destiny's Shield (Belisarius #3) ...Eric Flint & David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-57817-0, Paperback ISBN:0-671-57872-3, eBook SKU:0671578723
Belisarius Bundle,  WebScription 2000Jun,  Free Library,  Baen CD 01 03 06 13 15 23
Fortune's Stroke (Belisarius #4) ...Eric Flint & David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-57871-5, Paperback ISBN:0-671-31998-1, eBook SKU:0671578715
Belisarius Bundle,  WebScription 2000Jun,  Free Library,  Baen CD 01 03 06 13 15 23
The Tide of Victory (Belisarius #5) ...Eric Flint & David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31996-5, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3565-6, eBook SKU:0671319965
Belisarius Bundle,  WebScription 2001Jul 2002Oct,  Baen CD 01 03 06 13 15 23
The Dance of Time (Belisarius #6) ...Eric Flint & David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-0931-3, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2137-2, eBook SKU:1416509313
Belisarius Bundle,  WebScription 2008Mar,  Baen CD 13 15 23 

The "General" series ...created by David Drake

Warlord (Omnibus)
The Forge (Raj Whitehall #1) ...David Drake & S. M. Stirling
The Hammer (Raj Whitehall #2) ...David Drake & S. M. Stirling
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3587-7, eBook SKU:0743435877
WebScription 2003Feb,  Baen CD 03 15
Conqueror (Omnibus)
The Anvil (Raj Whitehall #3) ...David Drake & S. M. Stirling
The Steel (Raj Whitehall #4) ...David Drake & S. M. Stirling
The Sword (Raj Whitehall #5) ...David Drake & S. M. Stirling
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3594-X, eBook SKU:074343594X
WebScription 2003Mar,  Baen CD 03 15
The Chosen (Raj Whitehall #6) ...S. M. Stirling & David Drake
Paperback ISBN:0-671-87724-0, eBook SKU:0671877240
WebScription 2004May,  Baen CD 15
The Reformer (Raj Whitehall #7) ...S. M. Stirling & David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-57804-9, Paperback ISBN:0-671-57860-X, eBook SKU:067157860X
WebScription 2000Apr,  Baen CD 03 15
The Tyrant (Raj Whitehall #8) ...Eric Flint & David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3521-4, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-7150-4, eBook SKU:0743435214
WebScription 2002Apr 2003Sep,  Free Library,  Baen CD 03 13 15 23

Galactic Federation Earth Legions series ...created by David Drake

Ranks of Bronze (Earth Legions #1) ...David Drake
Paperback ISBN:0-671-31833-0, eBook SKU:0671318330
WebScription 2007Jun,  Baen CD 03 15
Foreign Legions (Earth Legions Anthology) ...edited by David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31990-6, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3560-5, eBook SKU:0671319906
WebScription 2001Jun 2002Sept,  Baen CD 03 15
The Excalibur Alternative (Earth Legions #2) ...David Weber
Publisher's Note: This novel is based on a much shorter version published in David Drake's Foreign Legions
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31860-8, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3584-2, eBook SKU:0671318608
WebScription 2002Jan 2003Jan,  Free Library,  Baen CD 6b 09 12 17 20 22

Hammer's Slammers Universe ...created by David Drake

The Tank Lords (Hammer's Slammers Omnibus #1) ...David Drake
Paperback ISBN:0-671-87794-1, eBook SKU:0671877941
Free Library,  Baen CD 03 15
Paying the Piper (Hammer's Slammers) ...David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3547-8, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-7172-5, eBook SKU:0743435478
WebScription 2002Jul 2003Dec,  Free Library,  Baen CD 02 03 04 15
Cross the Stars (Hammer's Slammers Universe) ...David Drake
Paperback ISBN:0-671-57821-9, eBook SKU:0671578219
Free Library,  Baen CD 03 15

Republic of Cinnabar Navy (RCN) series

With the Lightnings (Lt. Leary #1) ...David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-87881-6, Paperback ISBN:0-671-57886-3, eBook SKU:0671578863
WebScription 2000Jul,  Free Library,  Baen CD 01 03 06 15
Lt. Leary Commanding (Lt. Leary #2) ...David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-57875-8_, Paperback ISBN:0-671-31992-2, eBook SKU:0671578758
WebScription 2000Jul,  Free Library,  Baen CD 01 03 06 15
The Far Side of the Stars (Lt. Leary #3) ...David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-7158-X, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-8864-4, eBook SKU:074347158X
WebScription 2003Oct 2004Dec,  Free Library,  Baen CD 03 04 15
The Far Side of the Stars (MP3 Audio Book) ...David Drake, read by Corinda Carford
Baen CD 03 15
The Way to Glory (Lt. Leary #4) ...David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-9882-8, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2106-2, eBook SKU:0743498828
WebScription 2005May 2007May,  Baen CD 15
Some Golden Harbor (Lt. Leary #5) ...David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2080-5, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5524-2, eBook SKU:1416520805
WebScription 2006Sep 2008Feb,  Baen CD 15
When the Tide Rises (Lt. Leary #6) ...David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-5527-7, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-9156-7, eBook SKU:1416555277
WebScription 2008Mar 2009Apr,  Baen CD 15

Other eBooks by David Drake

Northworld Trilogy
Northworld ...David DrakeCD 03
Vengeance ...David Drake
Justice ...David Drake
Paperback ISBN:0-671-57787-5, eBook SKU:0671577875
Free Library,  Baen CD 15
Mountain Magic (Omnibus -- WebScription Edition)
Diamonds Are Forever ...Eric Flint & Ryk E. SpoorFree
John the Balladeer ...Manly Wade WellmanCD 03 15
Old Nathan ...David DrakeFree,  CD 03 15
Paperback ISBN:0-7434-8856-3, eBook SKU:0743488563
WebScription 2004Oct,  Baen CD 13
"There'll be an oddity in the publication of this one: for reasons concerned with Kuttner's agent, the Hogben stories won't be in the webscription volume. Instead we're running John the Balladeer by Manly Wade Wellman. I don't regret getting the John stories out in another form— they're quite wonderful and Manly was a close friend— but if you haven't read the Hogben stories (and most people nowadays haven't), they are side-splittingly funny"
David Drake Newsletter #21  
Other Times Than Peace ...David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2076-7, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5566-8, eBook SKU:1416520767
WebScription 2006Aug 2008Aug,  Baen CD 15
Grimmer Than Hell ...David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3590-7, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-8830-X, eBook SKU:0743435907
WebScription 2003Feb 2004Jun,  Baen CD 02 03 04 15
Killer ...David Drake & Karl Edward Wagner
Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3586-9, eBook SKU:0743435869
WebScription 2002Dec,  Baen CD 02 03 04 15
Redliners ...David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-87733-X, Paperback ISBN:0-671-87789-5, eBook SKU:067187733X
Free Library,  Baen CD 03 15
Starliner ...David Drake
Paperback ISBN:0-671-72121-6, eBook SKU:0671721216
WebScription 2004Apr,  Free Library
Seas of Venus ...David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3564-8, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-7192-X, eBook SKU:0743435648
WebScription 2002Oct 2004Mar,  Free Library,  Baen CD 02 03 04 15
The Sea Hag ...David Drake
Paperback ISBN:0-671-65424-1, eBook SKU:0671654241
WebScription 2004Jun,  Free Library,  Baen CD 03 15
Lord of the Isles (Isles Series #1) ...David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:0-312-85396-3, Paperback ISBN:0-8125-2240-0, eBook SKU:0812522400
Lord of the Isles Bundle,  WebScriptions 2005Mar,  Baen CD 03 15
Balefires ...David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:1-59780-071-6, Paperback ISBN:1-59780-132-4, eBook SKU:1597800716
Baen CD 15

CoDominium Future History ...created by Jerry Pournelle

The Prince (Omnibus, CoDominium Stories)
Falkenberg's Legion ...Jerry Pournelle
  ...a revised printing of the novels "West of Honor" and "The Mercenary".
Prince of Mercenaries...Jerry Pournelle
Sword and Scepter (Novella) ...Jerry Pournelle
Go Tell the Spartans ...Jerry Pournelle & S. M. Stirling
Prince of Sparta ...Jerry Pournelle & S. M. Stirling
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3556-7, eBook SKU:0743435567
WebScription 2002Sep,  Baen CDs 01 06
West of Honor (CoDominium Stories) ...Jerry Pournelle
eBook SKU:0671653474
CoDominium Future History Bundle,  Free Library

eBooks by James P. Hogan

Inherit the Stars (Giant's Star #1) ...James P. Hogan
Paperback ISBN:0-345-30107-2, eBook SKU:0345301072
The Multiplex Man ...James P. Hogan
Paperback ISBN:0-671-57819-7, eBook SKU:0671578197
WebScription 2006Aug,  Free Library
The Two Faces of Tomorrow ...James P. Hogan
Paperback ISBN:0-671-87848-4, eBook SKU:0671878484
WebScription 2006Jul,  Free Library

eBooks by Travis "Doc" Taylor

Warp Speed (Novel #1) ...Travis S. Taylor
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-8862-8, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2063-5, eBook SKU:0743488628
WebScription 2004Dec 2006May,  Baen CD 07 08 11 16 18
The Quantum Connection (Novel #2) ...Travis S. Taylor
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-9896-8, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2100-3, eBook SKU:0743498968
WebScription 2005Apr 2007Jan,  Baen CD 08 11 16 18
One Day on Mars (Novel #1) ...Travis S. Taylor
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-5505-6, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-9157-5, eBook SKU:1416555056
WebScription 2007Oct 2009Mar,  Baen CD 16 18
The Tau Ceti Agenda (Novel #2) ...Travis S. Taylor
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-5539-0, Paperback ISBN:1-4391-3315-8, eBook SKU:1416555390
WebScription 2008May 2009Nov,  Baen CD 16 18
Von Neumann's War (Book #1) ...John Ringo & Travis S. Taylor
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2075-9, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5530-7, eBook SKU:1416520759
WebScription 2006Aug,  Baen CD 11 16 18
Neighborhood Watch Final Report (Book #1 Addendum) ...Travis S. Taylor
eBook SKU:1011250015
Baen CD 11 16 18

Voyage of the Space Bubble series ...created by John Ringo

Into the Looking Glass (Looking Glass War #1) ...John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-9880-1, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2105-4, eBook SKU:0743498801
WebScription 2005Jun 2007Apr,  Baen CD 07 08 11 16 18
Vorpal Blade (Looking Glass War #2) ...John Ringo & Travis S. Taylor
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2129-1, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5586-2, eBook SKU:1416521291
WebScription 2007Sep 2008Oct,  Baen CD 16 18
Manxome Foe (Looking Glass War #3) ...John Ringo & Travis S. Taylor
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-5521-8, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-9165-6, eBook SKU:1416521291
WebScription 2008Feb 2009Feb,  Baen CD 16 18
Claws That Catch (Looking Glass War #4) ...John Ringo & Travis S. Taylor
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-5587-0, Paperback ISBN:1-4391-3313-1, eBook SKU:1416555870
WebScription 2008Nov 2009Dec,  Baen CD 16 18

Legacy of the Aldenata series ...created by John Ringo

A Hymn Before Battle (Posleen War #1) ...John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31941-8, Paperback ISBN:0-671-31841-1, eBook SKU:0671319418
WebScription 2000Oct 2001Oct,  Free Library,  Baen CD 01 02 04 06 07 08 11 16 18
Gust Front (Posleen War #2) ...John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31976-0, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3525-7, eBook SKU:0671319760
WebScription 2001Apr 2002Apr,  Free Library,  Baen CD 01 02 04 07 08 11 16 18
When the Devil Dances (Posleen War #3) ...John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3540-0, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3602-4, eBook SKU:0743435400
WebScription 2002Apr 2003Apr,  Baen CD 01 02 04 07 08 11 16 18
Hell's Faire (Posleen War #4) ...John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3604-0, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-8842-3, eBook SKU:0743436040
WebScription 2003May 2004Aug,  Baen CD 02 04 07 08 11 16 18
Hell's Faire (MP3 Audio Book) ...John Ringo
Baen CD 02
Cally's War (Cally's War #1) ...John Ringo & Julie Cochrane
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-8845-8, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2052-X, eBook SKU:0743488458
WebScription 2004Oct 2006Mar,  Baen CD 07 08 11 16 18
Sister Time (Cally's War #2) ...John Ringo & Julie Cochrane
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-4232-9, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5590-0, eBook SKU:1416542329
WebScription 2007Dec 2008Dec,  Baen CD 16 18
Honor of the Clan (Cally's War #3) ...John Ringo & Julie Cochrane
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-5591-9, Paperback ISBN:1-4391-3335-2, eBook SKU:1416555919
WebScription 2009Jan 2010Feb,  Baen CD 18
The Hero (A Posleen War Novel) ...John Ringo & Michael Z. Williamson
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-8827-X, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-0914-3, eBook SKU:074348827X
WebScription 2004Jun 2005Nov,  Baen CD 07 08 11 16 18
Watch On The Rhine (Posleen War Novel #1) ...John Ringo & Tom Kratman
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-9918-2, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2120-8, eBook SKU:0743499182
WebScription 2005Aug 2007Mar,  Baen CD 08 11 16 18
Yellow Eyes (Posleen War Novel #2) ...John Ringo & Tom Kratman
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2103-8, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5571-4, eBook SKU:1416509402
WebScription 2007Apr 2008Sep,  Baen CD 16 18
Eye of the Storm (Hedren War #1) ...John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:1-4391-3273-9, Paperback ISBN:1-4391-3362-X, eBook SKU:1439132739
WebScription 2009Jul 2010Jun,  Baen CD 18
Posleen FanFic ...Leigh Kimmel & Richard Waechter-Williamson & Shane Gries
Baen CD 02 04
d20 system -- Legacy of the Aldenata Roleplaying Game
...Requires the use of a Roleplaying Game Core Book published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
Baen CD 02

The Paladin of Shadows series

Ghost (Paladin of Shadows #1) ...John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-0905-4, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2087-2, eBook SKU:1416509054
WebScription 2005Oct 2006Nov,  Baen CD 08 11 16 18
Kildar (Paladin of Shadows #2) ...John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2064-3, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2133-X, eBook SKU:1416520643
WebScription 2006Mar 2007Jun,  Baen CD 11 16 18
Choosers of the Slain (Paladin of Shadows #3) ...John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2070-8, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-7384-4, eBook SKU:1416520708
WebScription 2006Jul 2007Nov,  Baen CD 11 16 18
Unto the Breach (Paladin of Shadows #4) ...John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-0940-2, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5535-8, eBook SKU:1416509402
WebScription 2006Dec 2008Apr,  Baen CD 11 16 18
A Deeper Blue (Paladin of Shadows #5) ...John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2128-3, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5550-1, eBook SKU:1416521283
WebScription 2007Jul 2008Jun, Baen CD 16 18

The Council War series

There Will be Dragons (Council War #1) ...John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-7164-4, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-8859-8, eBook SKU:0743471644
WebScription 2003Nov 2004Nov,  Free Library,  Baen CD 04 05 06 07 08 11 16 18
There Will be Dragons (MP3 Audio Book) ...John Ringo, read by Marty Meyer
Baen CD 04
Emerald Sea (Council War #2) ...John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-8833-4, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-0920-8, eBook SKU:0743488334
WebScription 2004Jul 2005Dec,  Free Library,  Baen CD 07 08 11 16 18
Against the Tide (Council War #3) ...John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-9884-4, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2057-0, eBook SKU:0743498844
WebScription 2005Feb 2006Apr,  Baen CD 07 08 11 16 18
East of the Sun, West of the Moon (Council War #4) ...John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2059-7, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5518-8, eBook SKU:1416520597
WebScription 2006May 2008Jan,  Baen CD 11 16 18
The March of Cambreadth (MP3 Song) ...Heather Alexander
Baen CD 04 07 08 11 16 18

Other eBooks in Worlds by John Ringo

Princess of Wands (Queen of Wands #1) ...John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-0923-2, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-7386-0, eBook SKU:1416509232
WebScription 2006Jan,  Baen CD 11 16 18
The Last Centurion ...John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-5553-6, Paperback ISBN:1-4391-3291-7, eBook SKU:1416555536
WebScription 2008Aug 2009Sep,  Baen CD 16 18

Empire of Man series

March Upcountry (Prince Roger Saga #1) ...David Weber & John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31985-X, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3538-9, eBook SKU:067131985X
WebScription 2001May 2002May,  Free Library,  Baen CD 01 02 04 06 6b 07 08 09 11 12 16 17 18 20 22
March to the Sea (Prince Roger Saga #2) ...David Weber & John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31826-8, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3580-X, eBook SKU:0671318268
WebScription 2001Aug 2002Nov,  Free Library,  Baen CD 01 02 04 06 6b 07 08 09 11 12 16 17 18 20 22
March to the Stars (Prince Roger Saga #3) ...David Weber & John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3562-1, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-8818-0, eBook SKU:0743435621
WebScription 2003Jan 2004Apr,  Baen CD 02 04 06 6b 07 08 09 11 12 16 17 18 20 22
We Few (Prince Roger Saga #4) ...David Weber & John Ringo
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-9881-X, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2084-8, eBook SKU:074349881X
WebScription 2005Apr 2006Sep,  Baen CD 07 08 09 11 12 16 17 18 20 22

Bahzell Bahnakson and Tomanâk series

Oath of Swords and Sword Brother (Omnibus)
Oath of Swords (War God's Own #1) ...David WeberFree,  CD 05 06 6b 09 12
Sword Brother (War God's Own Story) ...David Weber
  ...The Story "Sword Brother" happens after the Novel "Wind Rider's Oath".
Trade ISBN:1-4165-2086-4, eBook SKU:1416520864
WebScription 2007Jan,  Baen CD 17 20 22
The War God's Own (War God's Own #2) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-87873-5, Paperback ISBN:0-671-57792-1, eBook SKU:0671878735
Free Library,  Baen CD 05 06 6b 09 12 17 20 22
Wind Rider's Oath (War God's Own #3) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-8821-0, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-0895-3, eBook SKU:0743488210
WebScription 2004May 2005Aug,  Baen CDs 06 6b 09 12 17 20 22

Dahak series

Empire from the Ashes (Full series Omnibus)
Mutineer's Moon ...David WeberFree
The Armageddon Inheritance ...David Weber
Heirs of Empire ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3593-1, Trade ISBN:1-4165-0933-X, eBook SKU:0743435931
WebScription 2003Mar 2006Feb,  Baen CD 6b 09 12 17 20 22

Series in The Honor Harrington Universe ...created by David Weber

On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington #1) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-57793-X, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3571-0, eBook SKU:0743435710
Free Library,  Baen CD 01 02 04 06 6b 09 12 17 20 22
The Honor of the Queen (Honor Harrington #2) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-57864-2, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3572-9, eBook SKU:0671578642
WebScription 2000Mar,  Free Library,  Baen CD 01 06 6b 09 12 17 20 22
The Short Victorious War (Honor Harrington #3) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3551-6, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3573-7, eBook SKU:0671875965
WebScription 2002Jun,  Baen CD 01 06 6b 09 12 17 20 22
Field of Dishonor (Honor Harrington #4) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-57820-0, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3574-5, eBook SKU:0671578200
WebScription 2002Aug,  Baen CD 01 06 6b 09 12 17 20 22
Flag in Exile (Honor Harrington #5) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31980-9, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3575-3, eBook SKU:0671319809
WebScription 2001Mar,  Baen CD 01 06 6b 09 12 17 20 22
Honor Among Enemies (Honor Harrington #6) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-87723-2, Paperback ISBN:0-671-87783-6, eBook SKU:0671877232
WebScription 2002Sep,  Baen CD 01 06 6b 09 12 17 20 22
In Enemy Hands (Honor Harrington #7) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-87793-3, Paperback ISBN:0-671-57770-0, eBook SKU:0671577700
WebScription 2004Mar,  Baen CD 01 06 6b 09 12 17 20 22
Echoes of Honor (Honor Harrington #8) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-87892-1, Paperback ISBN:0-671-57833-2, eBook SKU:0671578332
WebScription 2002Oct,  Baen CD 01 06 6b 09 12 17 20 22
Ashes of Victory (Honor Harrington #9) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-57854-5, Paperback ISBN:0-671-31977-9, eBook SKU:0671578545
WebScription 2000Mar 2001Mar,  Baen CD 01 06 6b 09 12 17 20 22
War of Honor (Honor Harrington #10) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3545-1, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-7167-9, eBook SKU:0743435451
WebScription 2002Oct 2003Nov,  Baen CD 01 02 04 06 6b 09 12 17 20 22
At All Costs (Honor Harrington #11) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-0911-9, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-4414-3, eBook SKU:1416509119
WebScription 2005Nov 2007Oct,  Baen CD 09 12 17 20 22
Mission of Honor (Honor Harrington #12) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:1-4391-3361-1, Paperback ISBN:9-7814-3913-4, eBook SKU:1439133611
WebScription 2010Jul 2011Jul,  Baen CD 22
More Than Honor (Honor Anthology #1) ...edited by David Weber
A Beautiful Friendship ...David Weber
A Grand Tour ...David Drake
A Whiff of Grapeshot ...S. M. Stirling
The Universe of Honor Harrington ...David Weber
Paperback ISBN:0-671-87857-3, eBook SKU:0671878573
WebScription 2002Oct,  Baen CD 01 06 6b 09 12 17 20 22
Worlds of Honor (Honor Anthology #2) ...edited by David Weber
The Stray ...Linda Evans
What Price Dreams? ...David Weber
Queen's Gambit ...Jane Lindskold
The Hard Way Home ...David Weber
Deck Load Strike ...Roland J. Green
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-57786-7, Paperback ISBN:0-671-57855-3, eBook SKU:0671578553
WebScription 2000Mar,  Baen CD 01 06 6b 09 12 17 20 22
Changer of Worlds (Honor Anthology #3) ...edited by David Weber
   Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington ...David Weber
   Changer of Worlds ...David Weber
   From the Highlands ...Eric Flint
   Nightfall ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-31975-2, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3520-6, eBook SKU:0671319752
WebScription 2001Mar 2002Feb,  Free Library,  Baen CD 01 06 6b 09 12 17 20 22
The Service of the Sword (Honor Anthology #4) ...edited by David Weber
Promised Land ...Jane Lindskold
With One Stone ...Timothy Zahn
A Ship Named Francis ...John Ringo & Victor Mitchell
Let's Go to Prague ...John Ringo
Fanatic ...Eric Flint
The Service of the Sword ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3599-0, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-8836-9, eBook SKU:0743435990
WebScription 2003Apr 2004Jul,  Baen CD 02 04 06 6b 09 12 17 20 22
A Ship Named Francis (MP3 Audio Story) ...John Ringo & Victor Mitchell
...One of the stories from the anthology "The Service of the Sword".
Baen CD 02 04 06
Let's Go to Prague (MP3 Audio Story) ...John Ringo
...One of the stories from the anthology "The Service of the Sword".
Baen CD 02 04 06
Crown of Slaves (Honor Universe #1) ...David Weber & Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-7148-2, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-9899-2, eBook SKU:0743471482
WebScription 2003Sep 2005Apr,  Free Library,  Baen CD 06 6b 09 12 13 17 20 22 23
Torch of Freedom (Honor Universe #2) ...David Weber & Eric Flint
Hardcover ISBN:1-4391-3305-0, Paperback ISBN:1-4391-3408-1, eBook SKU:1439133050
WebScription 2009Nov 2011Jan,  Baen CD 22 23
The Shadow of Saganami (Saganami Island #1) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-8852-0, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-0929-1, eBook SKU:0743488520
WebScription 2004Nov 2005Oct,  Free Library,  Baen CD 09 12 17 20 22
Storm from the Shadows (Saganami Island #2) ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-9147-8, Paperback ISBN:1-4391-3354-9, eBook SKU:1416591478
WebScription 2009Mar 2010May,  Baen CD 20 22

Starfire series ...created by David Weber & Steve White

Insurrection (Starfire Novel -- Original Version) ...David Weber & Steve White
Paperback ISBN:0-671-72024-4, eBook SKU:0671720244
WebScription 2004Dec,  Baen CD 09
The Stars at War (Omnibus)
Crusade (Starfire Series #1) ...David Weber & Steve WhiteFree
In Death Ground (Starfire Series #2) ...David Weber & Steve White
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-8841-5, eBook SKU:0743488415
WebScription 2004Aug,  Baen CD 09 12 17 20 22
The Stars at War II (Omnibus)
The Shiva Option (Starfire Series #3) ...David Weber & Steve White
Insurrection (Starfire Series #4) ...David Weber & Steve White
  ...this copy of "Insurrection" is a revised and expanded version of the original Novel
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-9912-3, eBook SKU:0743499123
WebScription 2005Jul,  Baen CD 09 12 17 20 22
Exodus (Starfire Series #5) ...Steve White & Shirley Meier
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2098-8, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5561-7, eBook SKU:1416520988
WebScription 2007Jan 2008Jul,  Baen CD 12 17 20 22

Hell's Multiverse Series ...created by David Weber & Linda Evans

Hell's Gate (Hell's Multiverse #1) ...David Weber & Linda Evans
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-0939-9, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5541-2, eBook SKU:1416509399
WebScription 2006Nov 2008May,  Baen CD 12 17 20 22
Hell Hath No Fury (Hell's Multiverse #2) ...David Weber & Linda Evans
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2101-1, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5551-X, eBook SKU:1416521011
WebScription 2007Mar 2008Jul,  Baen CD 12 17 20 22

Other eBooks by Linda Evans

Far Edge of Darkness ...Linda Evans
Paperback ISBN:0-671-87735-6, eBook SKU:0671877356
Sleipnir ...Linda Evans
Paperback ISBN:0-671-87594-9, eBook SKU:0671875949

eBooks by Harry Turtledove

Wisdom of the Fox (Double Novel)
Werenight ...Harry Turtledove
Prince of the North ...Harry Turtledove
...this publication has been revised for this first unitary edition.
Paperback ISBN:0-671-57874-X, eBook SKU:067157874X
Sentry Peak ...Harry Turtledove
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-57887-1, Paperback ISBN:0-671-31846-2, eBook SKU:0671578871
WebScription 2000Sep 2001Nov,  Free Library

eBooks by John Dalmas

The Lion of Farside (Farside #1) ...John Dalmas
Paperback ISBN:0-671-87674-0, eBook SKU:0671876740
Soldiers ...John Dalmas
Paperback ISBN:0-671-31987-6, eBook SKU:0671319876
WebScription 2001May,  Baen CD 02
The Puppet Master ...John Dalmas
Paperback ISBN:0-671-31842-X, eBook SKU:067131842X
WebScription 2001Oct,  Baen CD 02

eBooks by K. D. Wentworth

Black on Black (Novel #1) ...K. D. Wentworth
Paperback ISBN:0-671-57788-3, eBook SKU:0671577883
Stars Over Stars (Novel #2) ...K. D. Wentworth
Paperback ISBN:0-671-31979-5, eBook SKU:0671319795
WebScription 2001Mar,  Free Library
The Course of Empire (Book #1) ...Eric Flint & K. D. Wentworth
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-7154-7, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-9893-3, eBook SKU:0743471547
WebScription 2003Sep 2005Mar,  Free Library,  Baen CD 13 23
The Crucible of Empire (Book #2) ...Eric Flint & K. D. Wentworth
Hardcover ISBN:1-4391-3338-7, eBook SKU:1439133387
WebScription 2010Mar,  Baen CD 23

eBooks by Catherine Asaro

Primary Inversion (Skolian Empire #11) ...Catherine Asaro
eBook SKU:0812550234
Sunrise Alley (Book #1) ...Catherine Asaro
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-8840-7, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2079-1, eBook SKU:0743488407
WebScription 2004Aug 2006Aug,  Free Library

eBooks by Rick Cook

Wizard's Bane (Wiz Biz #1) ...Rick Cook
eBook SKU:0671878468
Wizardry Compiled (Wiz Biz #2) ...Rick Cook
... this Free Library page for Rick Cook contains links for "Wizard's Bane" and "Wizardry Compiled" (Both parts of "The Wiz Biz").

Other Free eBooks from Baen (listed by Author)

Doc Sidhe (Doc Sidhe #1) ...Aaron Allston
Paperback ISBN:0-671-87662-7, eBook SKU:0671876627
Great Kings' War ...Roland Green & John F. Carr
Paperback ISBN:0-441-30200-9, eBook SKU:0937912034
Neptune Crossing (Chaos Chronicles #1) ...Jeffery A. Carver
Hardcover ISBN:0-312-85640-7, Paperback ISBN:0-812-53515-4, eBook SKU:0812535154
Resonance (Book #1) ...Chris Dolley
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-0912-7, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2134-8, eBook SKU:1416509127
WebScription 2005Nov 2007Jun,  Free Library
The Warmasters ...David Weber & Eric Flint & David Drake
Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington (Honor Harrington) ...David Weber
Island (Belisarius) ...Eric Flint
Choosing Sides (Hammer's Slammers) David Drake
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3534-6, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-7185-7, eBook SKU:0743435346
WebScription 2002May 2004Feb,  Baen CD 03 13 17 20 22 23
The Warslayer ...Rosemary Edghill
Paperback ISBN:0-7434-3536-2, eBook SKU:0743435362
WebScription 2002May,  Free Library
Fallen Angels ...Jerry Pournelle & Larry Niven & Michael Flynn
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-3582-6, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-7181-4, eBook SKU:067172052X
WebScription 2002Oct 2004Jan,  Free Library,  Baen CD 01 06
Harald ...David Friedman
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2056-2, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-5537-4, eBook SKU:1416520562
WebScription 2006Apr 2008Apr,  Free Library
Demon Blade (Demon Blade #1) ...Mark A. Garland & Charles C. McGraw
Paperback ISBN:0-671-87610-4, eBook SKU:0671876104
Bull God ...Roberta Gellis
Paperback ISBN:0-671-57868-5, eBook SKU:0671578685
WebScription 2000May,  Baen CD 05
Thrice Bound ...Roberta Gellis
Paperback ISBN:0-671-31834-9, eBook SKU:0671318349
WebScription 2001Aug,  Baen CD 05
Genellan: Planetfall ...Scott Gier
eBook SKU:1932657266
Crawling Between Heaven and Earth (Anthology) ...Sarah Hoyt
eBook SKU:1888993294
Fire in the Mist ...Holly Lisle
Paperback ISBN:0-671-72132-1, eBook SKU:0671721321
Sympathy for the Devil (Devil's Point Novel) ...Holly Lisle
Paperback ISBN:0-671-87703-8, eBook SKU:0671877038
Sheepfarmer's Daughter (Paksenarrion #1) ...Elizabeth Moon
The Spider: Robot Titans of Gotham (Spider Omnibus #1) ...Norvell W. Page
Trade ISBN:1-4165-2127-5, eBook SKU:1416521275
WebScription 2007Jun,  Baen CD P04
The Berserker Throne (Berserker Novel) ...Fred Saberhagen
eBook SKU:0671558366
Sisters of Glass ...D. W. St. John
eBook SKU:0965840727
Tinker (Tinker #1) ...Wen Spencer
Hardcover ISBN:0-7434-7165-2, Paperback ISBN:0-7434-9871-2, eBook SKU:0743471652
WebScription 2003Nov 2004Dec,  Baen CD 06
Digital Knight ...Ryk E. Spoor
Paperback ISBN:0-7434-7161-X, eBook SKU:074347161X
WebScription 2003Oct,  Free Library
Earthweb ...Marc Stiegler
Paperback ISBN:0-671-57809-X, eBook SKU:067157809X
WebScription 2008Nov,  Free Library
Transgalactic ...A. E. Van Vogt & Eric Flint & David Drake
Trade ISBN:1-4165-2089-9, eBook SKU:1416520899
WebScription 2006Oct,  Baen CD 13 23
Wolf Time ...Lars Walker
Paperback ISBN:0-671-57815-4, eBook SKU:0671578154
The Apocalypse Troll ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:0-671-57782-4, Paperback ISBN:0-671-57845-6, eBook SKU:0671578456
WebScription 2000Jan,  Baen CD 6b 09 12 17 20 22
In Fury Born ...David Weber
Hardcover ISBN:1-4165-2054-6, Paperback ISBN:1-4165-2131-3, eBook SKU:1416520546
WebScription 2006Apr 2007Aug,  Baen CD 12 17 20 22
Freehold ...Michael Z. Williamson
Paperback ISBN:0-7434-7179-2, eBook SKU:0743471792
WebScription 2004Jan,  Free Library

Novella and Short Stories (listed by Author)

Selections from Brave New Worlds: Dystopian Stories ...edited by John Joseph Adams
eBook SKU:F9781597802215
Selections from By Blood We Live ...edited by John Joseph Adams
eBook SKU:F1597801569
Selections from The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ...edited by John Joseph Adams
eBook SKU:F1597801607
Selections from The Living Dead 2 ...edited by John Joseph Adams
eBook SKU:F1597801909
Windows of the Soul ...Paul Chafe
   ...a story from the book "Man-Kzin Wars IX".
Genie Out of the Bottle ...Eric Flint & Dave Freer
  ...a story from the book "Cosmic Tales of Adventure II"
Original Edition of edited Godwin Stories ...Tom Godwin
   ...The original version of some stories, before they were edited by Eric Flint.
eBook SKU:1011250014
Original Edition of edited Schmitz Stories ...James H. Schmitz
   ...The original version of some stories, before they were edited by Eric Flint.
eBook SKU:1011250013


 Original Sources include: WebScriptions, the Baen Free Library & baencd

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