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Windows End-User Internet Security

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Speed Guide.net -- Basic Security Guide
General guidelines and multi-layered security.
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Weekly Windows Maintenance
How-to maintain security and performance.
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Computer Associates: eTrust EZ Armor
Anti-Virus, pre-configured ZoneLabs firewall, . . .
* FREE for the 1st year (until February 2, 2005).
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AVG AntiVirus 6.0 Free Edition
A top "Internet aware" Window anti-virus package.
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McAfee FreeScan -- Online Anti-Virus Scan
* A FREE account required to use this.
* Excellent virus detection on (only) C drive.
* VirusScan Online is the full paid version.
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McAfee AVERT Stinger -- Virus removal tool
Detect and remove the listed (common) viruses.
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Ad-aware -- a FREE "SpyWare" removal utility
Tip: Antivirus warning during a scan explained.
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SpyBot Search & Destroy
Remove Spyware, dialers, keyloggers, trojans . . .
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IE-SPYAD: Restricted Sites List
Sets "not nice" sites to Windows restricted zone.
* Helps prevent user tracking programs, etc..
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GRC.COM (Gibson Research Corp.)
Shields UP!! -- Internet Vulnerability Profiling
* Then LeakTest, to check your personal firewall.
* "Shoot The Messenger" & DCOMbobulator fixes.
* UnPlug n' Pray & "Raw Sockets" security risks.
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ZoneAlarm Firewall (very popular)
The Basic ZoneAlarm® personal firewall is Free.
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Kerio Personal Firewall 2.1.5
Same team developed Tiny Personal Firewall v2.
* The Windows firewall for experienced users.
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WebWasher Classic -- Advertising Blocking tool
* Can help filter unwanted Cookies & Web Bugs.
* Free for home use; $29US/user for business.
See also: End-User Privacy and SpyWare.


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Page Content Updated: May 26, 2004

"Can't anyone make an honest mistake?

"Of course . . . but this was intentional, and Microsoft has still not learned their lesson: Do not enable Internet servers to be running, by default, in consumer computers. The last time Microsoft did this, the server was called 'File and Printer Sharing'. The insecurity of that decision has caused untold customer damage through the years and it still causes serious problems."

 Steve Gibson: UnPlug n' Pray.  
 See also: Windows UPnP Vulnerability.  
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