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Web Browsers and Viewers

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Opera -- the small and fast Web Browser.
* 7.11 has excellent HTML & Style Sheet support.
* "Free" (Banner Ad) version for Windows Users.
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Mozilla -- the open source Web browser.
* This is what Netscape 6 & 7 are based upon.
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Netscape Communicator
See Downloader Spyware about Smart Download!
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Microsoft Internet Explorer.
* There is also a version of IE5 for the Mac.
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LYNX -- the classic TEXT browser
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Backwards Compatibility Viewer
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WebTV Viewer.

Windows-only Web Browsers

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Microsoft Mobile Explorer Emulator.
[WWW Link]>>
1X Net Browser (NO stylesheets or JavaScript)
* Very basic, but interesting & unusual features.
* Plus SnipIE - the snippet archives tool for IE.
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Off By One Web Browser -- Free, Small & Fast
* No JavaScript, applet, plug-in or Flash support.
See also: End-User Privacy and SpyWare.


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