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End-User Privacy and SpyWare

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Selecting Passwords
What not to do, then what really works.
* Then see Checklist: Create Strong Passwords
* And Hackers steal easily guessed passwords.
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Tightening Down Your Wireless LAN
Many wireless networks left "open to the public"!
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Browser Spy . . . what is yours telling?
* What information are you offering to others?
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Internet Downloaders that DO spy!
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Cookies -- with advice on how-to handle them.
* Then an article introducing Web Bugs.
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Electronic Frontier Foundation:
The Web Bug FAQ (by Richard M. Smith)
* Then read about Web Bugs in SPAM e-mail.
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Spyware Be Gone! If it were only that easy.
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The Windows SpyWare Epidemic
Support nightmares and Security Breaches.
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Ready to toss that old PC? Read this first
* See also: Old hard drives yield data bonanza.
* Never forget or overlook physical security!


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