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Hardware by Device Type: CPU & Chipset

[WWW Link]The Mother of All CPU Charts  Part 1
http://www4.tomshardware.com/cpu/20041220/    [New Window]
"We are about to offer you 3,300 benchmarks for CPUs since 1995. But before we do that, we take you back in CPU history in Part 1 of our series."
[WWW Link]The Mother of All CPU Charts  Part 2
http://www4.tomshardware.com/cpu/20041221/    [New Window]
"We continue to trace CPU history by detailing AMD's path from its Athlon debut to its Athlon64 glory. We then conclude with the mother of all charts, comprising 3,300 benchmarks for CPUs since 1995."
[WWW Link]AMD JPEG Display Problem
http://www.gordonfamily.com/AMD/    [New Window]
"Some AMD-K6-2, Athlon, and Duron microprocessor chips are slightly flawed. These flawed chips execute most all sequences of computer instructions properly and the vast majority of applications operate properly. However, the algorithm used by a few applications to decode and display JPEG compressed image files does not yield the correct results on these flawed AMD microprocessors."


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