The 6322 Cylinder BIOS Bug

    "This is one of the most obscure size limitations that you may encounter-- affecting only a small percentage of systems. It appears that the BIOS cannot handle drive geometry with more than 6,322 cylinders. Attempting to set a higher cylinder value than 6322 may cause the PC to hang. This typically limits the capacity on such systems to about [3.04GB or 3.26 billion Bytes] (6,322 cylinders x 16 heads x 63 sectors x 512 Bytes/sector). The best way to correct this problem is to upgrade the BIOS to a version that supports more than 6322 cylinders or install overlay software.

"The significance of 6,322 cylinders is unclear, so there is no apparent reason why this limitation exists."

Bigelow's Troubleshooting, Maintaining & Repairing PCs
5th Edition, page 776.
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