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"Several years back, when wireless carriers broke ground on third-generation cell phone networks, some businesses bragged of systems fast enough to blow by the 56kbps experience of Web providers like America Online.

"But with those 3G wireless networks now up and running, one thing's clear: The same landline dial-up services the carriers hoped to challenge aren't having any trouble keeping up--in fact, they're faster.

"The new 3G networks are designed to deliver peak speeds of between 115kbps and 144kbps, something far above what AOL could ever offer. But instead of being twice as fast, under the best of circumstances the networks can barely match the speed of a typical America Online surfing session, according to figures provided by carriers. During the equivalent of a telephone network's rush hour--the sort of traffic load a 3G subscriber is likely to face--some Web pages arrive at less than half the speed of a landline dial-up connection."

 ZDNet: 3G networks deliver at a snail's pace  
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* Gives some "real world" GPRS & 1X data rates.
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How GPRS is implemented (extremely technical).


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Page Content Updated: December 4, 2003

    A registered copy of Opera 6 is excellent at calculating the average transfer rate, by simply dividing the data loaded so far by the total time taken to do so. So using that browser and cell-phone GPRS for Internet access, I experience transfer rates from 500B/s (Bytes per second) to 2K/s when "surfing the net", and from 2 to 4K/s (about 10MB/hr.) when downloading large files. This difference is caused by factors such as the time it takes to find a Web server (slow DNS resolution), the delay between when a file is requested and when the data actually starts to transfer, etc..