Terms of Use for this Icon Collection

    Since I am not a trained and experienced graphic artist, the icons created for this Website started from a small selection of public domain GIF clip-art. The resulting icons are my work for two reasons. First, in many cases, those starting images were adapted and considerably embellished into something suitable for my purposes. Not to mention that a few images used within the Icons are my original work. Secondly, the layout of the Icons, where the smaller images are put together in a meaningful manner, is mine. So, to be fair to both myself and to others, I am offering the below GIF icon collection on the following two conditions:

  1. No charge of any kind may be made for the below icons, nor may they be included in any other icon or clip-art collection. This includes not even charging for a blank diskette, to hand a copy of the below icons to someone else.
    • That in the original spirit of the Internet, I am "giving back" for the clip-art I started with, by providing the below icon collection, which others may use for free. So I expect them to remain totally free of charge.
  2. Any site or document using the below icons, or some variation of them, must also include a link to http://www.allensmith.net/Icons/
    • The below HTML code fragment, placed at the bottom of the appropriate Web page, is the recommended method of doing this:
<small><a href="http://www.allensmith.net/Icons/" title="Icon collection at www.allensmith.net">Link Icons from www.allensmith.net</a></small>

Adapted Link Icon Sets

[HTML format Notes]>>
Transparent with White Border Icons
Good when using a bit of background color.
[HTML format Notes]>>
(Dithered) Light Blue Background Icons
Work well with a White page background.
[HTML format Notes]>>
Purple with Grey Border Icons
Work well with a Black page background.


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